SDSR - Strategic Defense and Security Review Concluding Oct

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Hermes_R12, Sep 5, 2010.

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  1. SDSR - Strategic Defense and Security Review Concluding Oct 10

    Found this document while surfing:-

    Anybody got any ideas on what the below paragraphs mean?

    1 - ‘That would mean an Armed Forces capable of maritime-enabled power projection, the capacity to control air- space to guarantee freedom of manoeuvre and the ability to deploy land power with the logistical strength to sustain it.’ – Does this mean the importance of carriers have been reognised and the RFA’s role understood in supporting the RN?

    2 - 'Fleet numbers that provide any one capability must also be reduced in order to cut multiple supply chains and associated infrastructure and training costs.’ – No idea what this means !!!

    3 -'Responsibility – the nation has a duty to support its Service personnel, including ensuring that the capabilities to do what is asked of them, and that Service personnel and their families are looked after.' - About time too !

    ‘The main decisions on the SDSR are expected to be taken in September and the SDSR will conclude at the end of October, The conclusions of the SDSR will be published in a cross-departmental White Paper.’

    I have read the whole document but much of it has left me scratching my head. Can anyone turn this strategic-speak into plain english - any views or thoughts ?

    Cheers all :lol:
  2. Re: SDSR - Strategic Defense and Security Review Concluding

    Perhaps the second point is referring to anything only capable of a single capability? Many ships to day are described as being multi-functional rather than being limited to a single purpose.
  3. Item 2 means that the T42 will be cut: a single capability (area air defence) will have a single supply chain (i.e. T45 spares) as opposed to the spares also associated with the T42. There will also be savings from then chopping anything that is associated with the T42 in the training world (Cook, ADAWS equipment on the Rubber Road in MWS, ME Specific stuff at SULTAN etc etc).
  4. Re: SDSR - Strategic Defense and Security Review Concluding

    Thanks Alf thats a real shame.
  5. Re: SDSR - Strategic Defense and Security Review Concluding

    Out of interest, what is happening with the manning/facilities in FMG's ( if they still exist in that form)
    Less platforms...less mobile maintaining?
  6. loosing the T42 a real shame?! They stink, they're grotty and they're from Pompey: ridding the world of them can only ever do good.

    21_man: what's a FMG? A Fleet Maintenance Group? In that case, they've been re-constituted as Forward Support Units, and they can be found in areas with a large concentration of RN Units, typically warm and East of Suez! Great guys, who are either living it easy, or balls out trying to fix every OpDef under the sun in the 48 hours a ship has alongside....
  7. Nothing, other than the title, seems to change...happy days!!
  8. Hermes why believe ATG? He must have worked in the city at smoe point because he hedges his bets on all aspects. Last month David Cameron had the actual shutting down paper on my branch. I am sure on some other thread he has stated that the whole FAA wing will be shutting by Christmas. Another that we are reducing our nuclear deterrent program to one submarine kept alongside due to costs.

    For a two a penny two ringer with nine years experience I am very surprised that he has a direct line to MOD and No10's cabinet office. Or maybe he has just about as much idea as the rest of us! I am sure he will state he was part of some paper looking into cost cutting in his area of "expertise", ooh very important, however papers have been written across all arms of the fighting services. WAC!! :tool:
  9. Re: SDSR - Strategic Defense and Security Review Concluding

    Hmm, good point. it's just very worrying times. Just want to know whats going to happen im fed up with all these proposed and on going cuts in the forces, NHS everywhere else you look.

    The Senior Service was once the envy of the world. Just think how much it has shrunk since the 1970s, In the 80's just before the Falklands War John Knott did his work....
  10. Re: SDSR - Strategic Defense and Security Review Concluding

    Try to remain optimistic.....this may be a blessing in disguise.....and we come out of it a 21st century Winner

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