SDSR: Sea Harrier - Sharkey Ward Speaks up for his son.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Hermes_R12, Oct 24, 2010.

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  1. From that article:

    Commander Ward, 67, who commanded 801 Naval Air Squadron from HMS Invincible in 1982 and shot down three Argentine fighters, said: "The decision is disastrous. The Harrier is good value."

    He and Admiral Sir John Forster Woodward - Commander of the British naval force in the Falklands - have set up a petition to save the Harrier at

    NB At that Petition website:

    After you have signed a page pops up inviting 'a Donation through PAYPAL', a cunning method of drawing in funds - But it is NOT essential to donate in order to have your signature recorded at that petition.

    IMO Outrage Bus tickets should always be free - so sign up for Sharkey and Sir J Woodward!!
  2. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Perhaps this new thread belongs with this one.

    From the Mirror.

    Air base?

    Really. I thought his nickname was Sharkey?

    Aren't they all? If so then perhaps he'll make a pilot of something else, in or outside the Service, or a good XO or CO of a war canoe.

    How to support their families? Give me fcuking strength. Switched on superlative thrusting jet jockeys should not need any help figuring out what to do next. More grit less bleating. Defence is skint, or hadn't you heard?
  3. Also according to the article, we still have Sea Harriers...
  4. ...and the GR9 a cannon with which to '[rake enemy] positions with gunfire'!

    Yet another disingenuous post from the good Cdr Ward RN (Rtd). I'm sure he was an inspirational sqn cdr, but his poor manners and personal prejudice are legion.

  5. Read his book, down there with him, bit of a maverick but wtf can't say I would like to be in a similar position to 1982 and having to rely on crab Tornado or Typhoon to stop the bogey men from making me shit meself
  6. Strange when we're in a ground war we get rid of the ONLY dedicated ground Attack jet in the inventory!
  7. Nice one Sharkey and Son, the only serving and non serving FAA pilots, to have a pop, at the grown ups. Just think of all the Razamataz we had last year Re Fly Navy 100 YRS. Thought some of the great old and bold boys, that went, to St Pauls might have had a pop as well. Your silence is deafening :cry: :cry:
  8. Didn't realise that people were only allowed one nickname 8O I best tell the lads to stop using a couple of mine. If you read his book he refers to himself as Mr Sea Harrier several times.

    You basically seem to be saying that people should just shut up and deal with the cuts that have been announced. Why shouldn't Ward Jnr voice his concerns. Staying silent hasn't done the RN any favours in the past. It may not do any good but neither is staying silent.
  9. Ah, the Wards. Fine upstanding voices of the single most important thing in the FAA, and quite possibly the world.


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