SDSR:- Did the Type 42s survive the cuts?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Hermes_R12, Oct 24, 2010.

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  1. I have read the document but unless I'm mistaken I can't find any reference to the remaining T42s. Did they survive the cuts or are they going to be paid off under stealth ?

    There was a lot of talk of them going pre- SDSR. Many thanks.
  2. I think most were planned in to be paid off in due course anyways.
  3. one thing I have heard is that Nottingham is being stripped out and sunk to become a reef! surly the spares would keep the remaining 42's going for a few months.
  4. Agree 100% with you Jimbo.
  5. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    "Agree, if it is going to be paid off then, IMHO, it should be offered to Chatham Dockyard so that it can be preserved along with HMS Cavalier. I feel sure that the trustees of Cavalier, et al, would jump at the chance of having a more modern Destroyer to add to the collection"

    No issue with preserving historic ships, but the UK has a lot of ships anyway in museums and there is a real issue with their making enough money to stay afloat (literally!). While I can see the logic in retaining WW2 ships etc, I don't think that there is sufficient interest among the general public to keep any museum ship from the cold war going - its the sort of thing that people will visit once and leave it at that. The US is a great example where they have literally dozens of museum ships up to battleship size, many of which struggle financially to remain open. They are now looking at having to scrap even very historic ships like USS Olympia due to lack of interest.
  6. If they intend sinking Ark Royal, I do hope it is in deep water and very well marked on Admiralty charts.
    After all you never know when a submarine will be along.
  7. SDSR mentioned 4 Frigates or destroyers will go, with no decision being made as yet about which ones.

    So thats the T42's or the T22's, and they haven't decided which. For my money it would be better off letting the T42's go, T22's always seemed a more capable general purpose ship IMHO, and they do have better C2. BUT it'll come down to cost, and refit in the end no doubt :)
  8. We were told 4 frigates type 22 were going. During our brief.
  9. What is the connection if you dont mind me asking?
  10. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Nottingham nearly sank in 2002. It is just a matter of completing the job. The emotional connection seems very tenuous to me, rather like those who bleat about; how could they do such and such now, as we are coming up to the 131st anniversary of such and such? How unfeeling and disrespectful.

    More grit.

    As for preservation, I agree with Purple Twiglet, little interest and even less money.
  11. Ah ok - cheers for the info
  12. Totally agree with Seadog.
  13. I do wish you would use the IMO when you post, you seem to steamroller your "Point of view" as if it were fact.
    Sentiment is a personal trait and it falls to the persons own ID. If you are uncaring, and a real bad ass scrap em all type fine.
    Should I need to love your wife and kids if you do?
    Back on thread, if money is in short supply to feed the needs of this country where do you suppose we could save a few quid?
    Preservation of our heritage is OK by me, or going down the less sentimental path, how about we pull down all the castles, scrap the Victory,
    and how about getting rid of the museums, we could start with the Imperial war, and work from there. How many working class patronise the Tate, or other centers of the arts.
    There's probably more upper crust visit the ballet and opera houses than the great mass of working class, yet they are heavily subsidised by the tax payer.
    Or we could save the heritage and stop trying to police and manipulate the world. Germany managed to ride off the back of Europe whilst following such a philosophy. And prospered.
  14. I know a lot of people here on the Wirral were sad to see the Historic Warships Collection split up due to lack of funding. HMS Plymouth was rather popular.

    Type 42 wise, I thought most of the remaining ships were to be laid off from 2012 onwards with HMS Liverpool being the 1st
  15. Though I hate to admit it I am in total agreement with Seaboot.
    I was on HMS Manchester first commision, the crew consisted of many members from both HMS Coventry and HMS Sheffield. Their loyalty is with the ships and shipmates that they lost, while the replacements Manchester and Nottingham were both excellent ships I am sure that they do not hold the same emotions as Coventry and Manchester.
    Ships get old and need replacing, whether they are scrapped, used for target practice or sold to a foreign navy does it really matter?
  16. Slim I agree in principal that ships cannot be kept en mass. Its the argument used to justify their scrapping that gets my goat.
    Yes the country is up shit creek without a paddle, but when our politicians are handing our money away like its unfashionable, to countries that have very little real need, it boils the blood. When someone comes on and tries to justify it with tales of secret squirrel then that's trying to talk to us like were brain dead.
    There is many a poster on RR far less vocular than myself and also quite a few with a much more eloquent flourish of English. But a point of view remains a point of view however expressed.
    Museums are not well patronised given gov figures are true. Should they close? There are opinions both sides of that argument.
  17. Im a big fan of Museums, they teach us the past and its important we do not forget such things.

    “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.†George Santayana
  18. I'm also a fan of museums, however the bricks and mortar or open air types are far cheaper to run and maintain than a sea going warship.

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