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The PM said yesterday that defence reviews should be carried out every 5 years.
There will be a general election in 2015 (if the Lib/Con coalition don't fall out).
The public funds invested in the banks should hopefully have matured to a point where they can be sold off for a decent amount.

What will the SDSR 2015 be like?

I suspect:

Post election bonfire of the regiments post Afghanistan

Lib/Con election differences on Trident replacement

Option to keep / improve second carrier if there is general international sabre ratling (Iran or China).

No increase in numbers for RN & RAF.

Anyone else care to offer a bit of ill informed speculation?
Posting signatures of boomers on tinterweb, thus saving Russian forces billions in trying to obtain them via News of the World.
Fifty crewless, so stealthy they can't be seen, ships for the Royal Navy, including ten squadrons of invisible starships for the two super carriers that won't be built again.
A wishing well to be placed in the centre of MoD.
Suggestion boxes to be removed saving 10 million sheeps of toilet roll.
Batchelors only to be recruited and marriage made illegal, saving £2Billion on married quarters over a realistic period.
Naval personnel, or those remaining to be dual trained as dockyard maties.

Edited for accuracy.
BRNC to close, along with Cranwell. Tri-service officer training to take place at RMA Sandhurst.
Raleigh to close, along with Sultan and Collingwood. Ratings new entry training to be done at Catterick, along with all Army and RAF basic training. St Athans to be the tri-service engineering training facility, with engineering degrees for officers being undertaken at Barry College (part of the University of Glamorgan, formerly Glamorgan Polytechnic).
NFXAs to close, and all Fleet-time training to be carried out in the SFXAs.
Devonport to close, Chatham to reopen

Abbey Wood and FOST to colocate at Sheerness to allow staff officers to double hat with CS at Main Building

BRNC/Sandhurst/Cranwell to colocate at Haslar/Blockhouse with DAEDALUS reopening for basic flying training and army training in the New Forest

Lympstone to move to BRNC

Raleigh to move to Lympstone, standfast the Submarine School, which is to move to JSATC Indefatigable at Talybont.

HMNB Gibraltar to colocate with the Spanish Navy at Rota.

announcement of 2 new carriers to replace CVF in 2030.

commitment to continuing development of FRES

Gap in MPA caused by cancellation of Nimrod to be addressed by order with BAE for Nimrod. Previous order of nine cut to 3, but they'll be able to cover airspace for longer through crew rotation - BAE to launch working party to investigate lengthening the fuselage to provide additional accommodation.

Morning standeasy abolished to reduce rich tea purchasing costs by 50% across the fleet.

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