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Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by Scouse_Scribes, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. I'm hoping someone is going to save my life.

    I have erased the contents of a SD memory card as I (Wrongly) assumed the other half had saved the phots onto the PC.

    Is there anyway I can recover them? I seem to remember someone telling me once that if you erase something of a solid state device it was gone forever. Is that right?

    Your answers guys, could mean the difference between me living happily ever after or being reminded of my fcuk up every time I pick a camera up
  2. I don't think its erased forever. When 'stuff' is deleted on a PC I believe it just goes into an area that can be written over again (the actual data is still physically there though). This I imagine also applies to an SD card. How you recover this though I don't know.
  3. Hi Chaz

    Yeah thats right on PCs cos its stored on magnetic media (hard drive) but I seem to remember that if its a solid state device like a memory card then you knackered cos its gone. I don't want to try anything with it until i get some more info, in case I screw up any chances that I had. Suppose I could google it though and see what happens.

    Its nothing important though, only some phots, that she probably won't miss, or ask about ever again, or even remember. Take me to a happy place.
  4. Norton Recovery is a decent option for home users, I'm not to sure if it deals with SD cards though, it may do as SD cards usually use a FIFO stack to erase data. If you've used the card since there is a chance you may have written over sectors in which case you've lost the data. I have a few applications from work which recover data. Do you use Linux as they are Open Source and I could send a link on where to grab them from
  5. Sorry mate I have done same sort of thing, next door fellar in the indestry gave me sad news "its gone mate".
  6. It worked OK on my card after the missus had deleted files
  7. Cheers for all the help guys

    I'll give it a shot when I get home, fingers crossed for me

    I'll let you know how I got on tomorrow
  8. There are two scenarios - good and bad, either way it is probably not gone forever since deleting and even formatting media doesn't fill it with random 1s and 0s which is what you need to fully remove data. This complete removal would take ages so instead only the record of where the file is is removed (like deleting a phone number from your mobile - the other person isn't actually killed when you do it).

    On some file systems the old records are kept and this seems to be the case on an SD card:

    In this case there are masses of undelete programs out there that will do the trick.

    If not then it gets a bit tricker but is still possible with patience.

    Getting images back is relatively easy as the file headers are quite easy to recognize, so a program can scan through the 1s and 0s on the disk and say "heh, that's the start of a jpeg" (this is 'file carving'). There are plenty of tools which can do this, some free, some very expensive.

    Have a look here:
  9. While trying to download our holiday phots of Egypt :farao: on to our puter the feckin thing froze. I was told by a camera store that Jessops are able to recover data.
    It worked :cheers: in this case as it was just a crash, but not sure it will work in your case, its maybe worth askin.

    good luck :thumbup:
  10. yes you can recover the data. just type recovery software on google or you get a free software recovery disc when you buy a sandisc memory card. iv'e done it a few times when rushing with my job. the photos will only start vanishing when you write over them a few times.
  11. Guys

    I'm here, I'm alive, you guessed it, I managed to recover the phots!

    Thanks for all the advice, used a download from google, worked like a dream.

    I can now slink back into the nether world of computer mongdom until I manage to do something stupid again

    Cheers me dears
  12. Glad to hear it. I just love happy endings.

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