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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by bumblebee, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. In the 1960's My lords Commissioners of the Admiralty were meeting regularly in London and elsewhere, concerned that newly lower deck promoted officers, looking young and superior , might be confused with with The Public School Dartmouth Intakes. Conceivably, they might not have a regional accent and pass for Upper Class.( My own father was such an animal)
    Their Lordships fretted and fulminated , arranging further extensive meetings. For them this was a monumental crisis.
    But they solved it.
    The lower deck promoted officers would have SD (Special Duties) embossed on the brass buttons of their reefer jackets.
    Sorted. The Dartmouth boys would know just who they were standing alongside and looking down on, However:-
    The Daily Mirror of the day thought this move elitist (never?) and took those pompous admirals to task. The idea was promptly dropped and several admirals floated into oblivion on enhanced pensions.
    Do you have further salacious details of this dreadful episode of naval history?
  2. I hear one entrant to Dartmouth in the 60s was sent to elocution lessons because he had a thick Geordie accent.
  3. It gets worse.
    A true story. My sister in law from Sunderland and my brother visited the local Regimental Museum . long after her father (a miner) had died. He had served in the First World war and returned to mining afterwards.
    I shared his bedroom in 1947 when the poor man could not lie down for breathing difficulties. He died at 63 shortly afterwards.
    My brother and his wife discovered that her father, unknown to his wife and family, had been awarded a DCM (next to a VC) and a MM and bar. He had told no-one.
  4. What was the dreadful bit then:

    That Dartmouth Officers looked down on SD Officers? (They did/still do)
    That Admirals thought it was important to the defence of the nation?
    That someone leaked it to the Daily Mirror?
    That the Admirals caved in and gave way to press pressure?

    Was your Dad a "looking young and superior" SD Officer.
    Most SD Officers were over the age of 30 by the time they reached the bunhouse as a Sub Lt. so in fact looked older.

    Conceivably, they might not have a regional accent and pass for Upper Class.( My own father was such an animal)
    Unless you have been schooled into BBC English or have a Upper Class accent then we all have regional accents even Grammar School boys from Surrey it depends on what region your accent is from. Scousers think I have and accent. I am from Surrey

    "those pompous admirals "
    Do you have any evidence of this or is it just their Edwardian upbringing and education that is at odds with your PC Correct 1980's or when ever education?

    I await with interest your response


    PS Yes I was there in the 60's
  5. My father looked 20 when he was commissioned and spoke and looked superior. Without boasting I look nothing like my advanced years . I always looked much younger than my years as does my two daughters. In court ajudge , when addressing my barrister daughter, assumed that her junior, who looked much older, but was in fact younger was her. she's still dining out on it.
  6. Awww Bless,

    More SD/SUY paranoia
  7. Well that is a start, one out of seven points addressed. I can see this barrister bit runs in the family, then barristers are upper class are they not.

    O! God I am back to seven points we will be here for months.

  8. My daughter, grammar School educated, would take you to task over your upper class presumption. She is classless. Just talented.

  9. I know this is a bad move and I am going to be here for months, but my seven points are still to be addressed. If you re-read above, that which is red, you will see I made no presumption about Barristers or your daughter but posed the question, "Are Barristers Upper Class"

    Please read what has been written before you have a pop at me.

  10. Caroline, my Barrister daughter, would never claim to be, or assume herself to be, superior , except perhaps intellectually. She has an advantage. She happens to be very pretty.
  11. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, a sihthouse looks nice to a Sanitary Inspector. :w00t:
  12. This is going to be 'ard work


    Are Barristers, considered by the majority of the population of the United Kingdom to be part of the Establishment and considered to be upper class?


  14. With more, hopefully to come, enlivining an otherwise dull thread
  15. 1) Well the good news is you must have had an ugly milkman - you must be related.

    2) Will need pictures to prove this (in full court rig).
  16. I need pictures of nice shit houses as well. After cleaning them for 8 1/2 years, I feel this could be something to fill me with pride.

    Probably deserves its own thread.
  17. Why you started out making allegations about the Officer class and now will not support the statements you made. A Walt, goodbye
  18. Please go and lie down in a darkened room - or- go and see someone.
  19. Answer.Notarios? Abogados?. de la clase alta?........................................................................................



    With more, hopefully to come, enlivining an otherwise dull thread


    Be nice to see a picture of your daughter in her briefs.

    But then talk is cheap.

    Were you born sneering?

    I won`t bother editing this for my English cos i don`t give a shit.

  20. With more, hopefully to come, enlivining an otherwise dull thread

    Sorry, just noticed, YOU started the thread, hey Ho say`s Roly, what a ******. :w00t:

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