Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, May 15, 2008.

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  1. I am ashamed at the way my fellow countrymen behaved in Manchester yesterday and it's a shame that the police had not cracked a few more of their thick heads. The irony of it is that being Rangers supporters many of them were sporting the Union Flag when all they have done is damage relations south of the border.
  2. But can we really blaim them if the Big screen telly packs up whilst your trying to watch your team in a European final. Then to also find out that you are losing must make it even worse. I'm sure after a few beers we've all done somethings we might regret later.

    I feel sorry for the Rangers fans, we all hope to win in Europe.

    Up the Gers.


    Neil - Supermario - Sad Football fan of an Ex european winner

  3. It would seem that fighting at football matches is not just the English disease, some much for the jolly friendly tarten army, at long last they have been shown up for what they really are just another bunch of mindless drunken football yobs.
  4. It was completly rediculous the way they acted.

    But the armed police throwing a woman on the floor who just seemed to be caught up in it all was bluddy stupid!
  5. They all need to grow up its only footy FFS - a bunch of fairies skippin' around a ball it isn't worth a riot is it?
  6. overpaid fairies may i add :threaten:
  7. Supermario

    But can we really blaim them if the Big screen telly packs up whilst your trying to watch your team in a European final. Then to also find out that you are losing must make it even worse. I'm sure after a few beers we've all done somethings we might regret later.

    I have to agree, i had a few beers last night, and my big screen telly, was switched by my wife to what she wanted to watch, i was fecking furious, i stamped my foot and went to bed. Violence is a curse i have to live with. FFS.
  8. WTF???? Nothing like showing your ignorance my good friend. Mixing the Scotland national teams supporters up with the scum of the earth that laid waste to Manchester city centre is an appalingly poor observation on your part. Take a look at the 'Tartan Army Message Board' for their reaction to the mass muppetry that took place last night, or indeed any Scottish league teams forum (try DAFC.NET, the Dunfermline forum) they are all in meltdown with film,pictures and discussion of the neanderthals that have dragged their teams, cities and countrys name through the mud. Everyone is sickened that these numpties are from north of the border but to come out with the misspelt p*sh you have just spouted is breathtaking.

    It would appear to me that you know absolutley nothing about Scottish football or you would not be making a fool of yourself on here with your bone comments. If you knew the comtempt that a sizeable proportion of the Old Firms support is held in by the rest of Scottish football for their bizarre loyalties to other countries other than Scotland and their religious and sectarian poison you wouldn't have bothered coming on here.

    When was the last time you saw the Scottish national teams supporters running riot? Wembely 1977 to be exact, a complete turnraound since then with the Tartan Army winning many awards for their exemplary behaviour in several tournaments. What you saw on your telly last night was a league teams support not the Scotland support. I rest my pussers grip.

    Don't mix decent folk up with the knuckle-draggers you saw last night.

    Bait well and truly taken!
  9. Problem is the Huns have a scum following. Ibrox is the only football stadium I have been attacked in (as a photographer). So the big screen went down they attacked the guy who was trying to repair it and he left. Then they went looking for trouble and once their scum team lost they started attacking anyone including fellow Hun fans! Celtic and Rangers are a rash on Scottish football and last nights performance will stop any idea of them joining the English Premier League.
  10. Whilst I dont wish to piss on your clearly bigoted fire i would like to put a few things into perspective.

    There were upwards of 150,000 Rangers supporters in Manchester yesterday, Myself and my 8 month pregnant wife included.

    We were lucky enough to have tickets to the stadium but we also visited 2 out of the 3 fan zones just to take in the atmosphere.

    The one that the screen failed in was full by 1pm yesterday and was in no way a safe area to hold a screening, it was totally enclosed and as far as i can recall had one entrance/exit, police/stewards were supposed to be screening people to make sure they were not taking any weapons into the area, however they were allowing people with crates/bottles into the area without so much as batting an eyelid.

    You will have all seen the TV footage tonight, if you see it again I ask you to actually look and see how many of the 'Fans' have Rangers colours on, there will be some but not the 1,000s the press would have you believe.

    I am in not niaeve enough to think that Rangers fans are totally innocent, I am 100% convinced that there was 'outside' influence from other clubs within the area, the presence of Man Utd fans in the Cathedral Square fanzone, complete with Police Security Tags leads me to that conclusion.

    Finally there were upward of 150,000 Rangers fans there and for the record
    11 thats right 11 have been charged with offences, if anybody is that interested they can visit the Greater Manchester Police website and that will give you a break down in the arrests and the charges that have been made, including Ticket touting and 2 charges of Class A drug possession.

    I suggest that if you place 150,000 people in a small area on a red hot day and ply them with alcohol you will find that there will be an incident of some sort, regardless of religion/nationality or which football club they support.

    Oberon if you go around calling football supporters Huns and Scum then IMO you deserve everything you get.
  11. It was only an observation about how the Scottish supporters of a Scottish league club behaved whilst watching their team play, or not play has the case may be. The fact that their behaviour has been criticized on the afore mentioned Forums does nothing to detract from the obvious. Scottish Football supporting Thugs ran riot in an English City! So to get back to my point Football Violence is not just an English Disease, has to your rant about who supports what in Scotland I do realise that quite a lot of the two main clubs in Glasgow draw a lot of their support from NI, and the fact that the Scottish National team is not a dominant force in world football will account for the lack of Scottish Supporters running riot abroad.
    I dare say when the said ‘knuckle-draggers you saw last night’ appear in Manchester’s courts their addresses will all end in Scotland! Therefore they will be Scottish and will also no doubt support the Scottish National team and hence will be part of the Tarten Army!
    Has to 1977 we used to have a very good football completion called the Home Nations, your fun loving jovial ‘see you Jimmy’ kilt wearing thugs put paid to that back then so please don’t peach to me about decent people living the other side of Hadrian’s Wall, because lets face it that wall was built for a dam good reason which has we can see from last night still rings true today!

  12. I live in Scotland, Have a Scottish Postal address and was at the game yesterday, does that make me Scottish?? I was born in Chichester, West Sussex and as such am English.

    The content of your post also seems to suggest that The home nations games were abandoned after the Scots wrecked Wembley, which is a valid point. May I also remind you of the Heysel stadium tragedy when 'English Knuckle draggers' got English teams banned from Europe for many a year, and as a consequence many English players ended up playing for Rangers in order to compete on the European stage.

    Do not think for one minute that Rangers are the only club to have had trouble in Europe, the only reason it has been highlighted so much is the fact it happened in the UK.
  13. I think I'd like to make a couple of observations here..

    Firstly, it's interesting that whenever an English Club plays abroad and there's trouble it translates as 'all English Supporters are scumbags' but the same criteria daren't be applied to any other (Dare I say Scottish?) team, even though the tag is as irrational for both nationalities... some hypocrisy here?

    Secondly I would put a lot of the blame on Manchester City Council who invited everybody and his dog from Glasgow even though there were nowhere near enough tickets for the match ... what did they expect? And then to encourage them to drink all day? I was in Manchester yesterday morning at around 11 am and already there were large numbers of people, all in blue football shirts wandering around with pints and cans of beer (which incidentally is illegal in Manchester the rest of the time)(not the beer but the drinking in the street). The City Centre was crammed all day with people who, for the most part had little to do but walk around and drink beer ... they had no chance of getting to the stadium, less chance of getting a ticket, so why precisely were they there? Because come bright spark in Manchester thought it would be a good idea to make a lot of money from these people ... then to do a half hearted job on the screens... I'm surprised that there wasn't more trouble really.

    I would like to reiterate here that the vast majority were well behaved, but the whole thing was inevitable given the sheer number of people involved; statistically there were always going to be a few idiots who would kick it off .. the whole thing was madness in my view..

  14. EH?????!!!.......Scotland play qualifying rounds in Europe for the European Champioships and the World Cup every calendar year. This usually amounts to 4-5 AWAY ties a year (not including friendlies) in which not less than several thousand Scotland supporters will travel to. In recent times this has been well over 10,000 and approaching 20,000 in Prague, Paris, Dortmund and Italy to name but a few with guess arrests. The Tartan Army is welcome in any country. Keep your accusing guesswork to yourself. Your suggestion that Scotland not being a world force in football is a reason for the Tartan Army not rioting abroad is quite frankly the stupidest comment on football I have ever read.

    Also the suggestion that those who were rioting are members of the Tartan Army is possibly the second most bone.

    It is obvious you are not a football supporter as the 'Home Internationals' were scuppered in 1984 by the English and Scottish FA's and replaced by the 'Rous Cup' consisting of England,Scotland and a South American team. This ran until 1989 when after the first large scale English hooligan visit to Glasgow, Maggie banned subsequent games after mass trouble in and around the City. Go to Waterstones and have a read through the 'hoolie porn' in the football section, you'll find lots of people from both North and South who were proud of this achievement.

    As for your final comment about Hadrians Wall, well pal that just sums you up!

    Say what you want about other football supporters but you have made a major faux pas by using the words 'Tartan Army' to describe the winkers rioting in Manchester. And you need your NAMET looked at, your DO is not doing his job!
  15. If you noticed there was hardly a Saltire in sight mainly the Union Flag and the Red Hand of Ulster. The A75 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday was awash with car registered in NI decked out in Red, White and Blue on their way to and from the match.

    Bawsack So you think its acceptable to attack the Police, wreck a young girls car and just cause mayhem just because a big screen goes tits up? Its also common in Scotland to call any Rangers supporter a Hun, as for the scum bit OK may not all Rangers fans are scum but they do carry a lot of low life with them. I know this game was hard to Police due to no border controls and any ned could catch a MagicBus from Glasgow with a couple bottles of Buckie and head to Manchester. But I seem to recall Mr Bain asking Rangers Fans to Police themselves - one young lad was shown on BBC Scotland screaming at his "fellow" fans that they were a disgrace to Rangers. As for the arrests I'll just say "Watch this space" BBC Radio Scotland has been snowed under with the IDs of a lot of the trouble makes and they are passing the info onto the Police. You also say that you were being plyed with alcohol so City of Manchester officials held your nose and forced it down your neck! You didn't have to drink it, there was soft drinks on sale. Now on to your last comment: I do not go to grounds to call football supporters scum or Huns I sit and take pictures of the on field action for the paper (a Sunday national), at Ibrox I have been pelted with coffee cups, money (thanks always comes in handy), pies and anything else that can be thrown at us. So you also think it acceptable for myself and other press photgraphers to be subjected to this abuse at our work bet you you wouldn't like it at yours! But why not "its only photographers so **** it lets abuse and pelt them!".

    PS: You going to the Final? And is the wife OK?
  16. Firstly let me correct you, it is not acceptable to call a Rangers fan a Hun, no more than it is to call a Celtic fan a Tim. Bigotry is something that Rangers & Celtic are trying to stamp out and have been doing successfully.
    My wife and I went to the final and she is fine we had tickets and left the Picadilly area early on as we could see it was far too busy.
    I am certainly not saying that violence of any nature is acceptable, however it is widely accepted that as well as the Glasgow Neds that were there, many other clubs 'undesireables' were there.
    I am not suggesting that GMP or MCC gave the alcohol to the people that were in the square, I do question the intelligence of the person who decided to take the 'no-alcohol in public' ban out.

    Mistakes were made by GMP & MCC and all parties need to learn from those mistakes
  17. It was obvious this was going to happen. I was in town from 1300 to about 1500 and there were already fights kicking off.

    There were very few stewards / police / toilets / bins in any of the areas I bimbled around.

    I don't know how much Rangers did to put off ticketless fans coming - but it wasn't enough. No city can handle that many pissed up folks without trouble.

    The worst of the violence kicked off three hours after the match - it was not an immediate reaction to the big screen failing.

    As for the 'Rangers hooligans are Scottish fans', then if we are agreed:
    "all muslims are terrorists" and "all gays are child molesters'. I like these in-depth, well informed discussions.

    From talking to the Manchester folks I know, they were confused between the Tartan Army and Rangers fans - although I would be suprised if the Manchester police and council made the same mistake.

    The good news is that Manchester aren't using the big screens for the Man Utd Euro final - so well done to the Rangers mongs for ruining that for the locals.
  18. I suppose 30 arrests out of 150000 isnt too bad,although no arrests would have being better.
    I dont like football but feel for the fans at the same time, I wished Glasgow had won just for their sakes.Some guy on tv had spent 7000 pounds on 7 tickets!

    You will always get the mong element in any sport who get upset that their team has lost but they ought to excercise control,it is a game after all.

    The trouble is that its more about money than sport these days.
  19. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Well are you or aren't you?

    I've just read all your posts on this subject, in every single one you have attempted to defend or excuse the complete morons who chose to get shiters and trash Manchester, not to mention attacking the coppers and some poor sods car!

    We know all Scots aren't mindless morons and 99% of those there were decent people, we know most of the fans there weren't involved, we know the TV broke and they were allowed to drink alcohol. Nothing excuses their behaviour and if you can't accept, that among the decent people out to watch and support their football team there were a number (I won't even say small because there were a fair few) of complete numbskulls reflecting the low IQ aspects of football culture then you live in cloud cuckooland. They are f*cking scum whose actions are indefensible, no buts or howevers, live with it!
  20. As this was an International match, no doubt the disgraceful antics received International coverage as well. In addition to the riot, was not a Russian lad stabbed in the back?

    When I visit Glasgow next month, I will still feel safer walking through that city centre at night than I do in Bath.

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