Scum Russia does it again.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, Jan 1, 2009.

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  1. Russian scum is on the 'Blackmail' trail again. They have cut off the gas supply to the Ukrane which will affect all of Europe.

    Why didn't the European governments learn from the last time this happened and make alternative supplies available.

    We have never needed Russia and don't need them now, pull your fingers out Europe and tell Russia to shove it's gas and crawl back into the hole where it belongs.
  2. Pretty selective N-M-C.

    Ukraine owe money to Russia and have done for the past few years. Don't underestimate the potential wealth that Russia is sitting on. Oil and gas are two commodities that the world depend on and Russia have vast amounts of both. The problem will arise if Ukrainian anti Russian activists try to sabotage the pipelines. Then we would be in deep shit.

    Your knowledge of history is sadly amiss. We depended on Russia to send millions of there troops, to be killed, in order to split the German Army and make it fight on two fronts, thereby saving God knows how many allied troops from ending up as casualties.
  3. Did you get a box of angry pills for Christmas :whew:
  4. Where did you get that snippet from? According to the Ukraine Government, they have paid all monies owing less "illegal" fines imposed by Gazprom (in an effort to basically hold a sovereign country to ransom) to an intermediary company

    Whilst you can't always quantify peoples anger, the Ukraine HAS told the EU that Gas supplies to its member states will NOT be affected in any way while this goes on.
  5. I do like it when someone falls flat on his arse while trying to be too clever.

    It was only because Hitler broke the non-aggression treaty between the two countries that caused Stalin to enter the war on our side

    After they'd divided Poland between them.
    They also provided the Nazis with help to rearm after they came to power, against the Treaty of Versailles.

    There's nothing noble about politics, it's all about self interest.
  6. I can't see what history has to do with it anyway, what has Hitler got to do with gas supplies, it's today they have cut off the gas supply. The amount of reserves they have also has nothing to do with it.

    If a poor pensioner couldn't afford her gas bill, would it be ok to cut her off?
  7. Well done Russia. The Khokhols thought they were being smart by arming Georgia and letting Yuschenko stab Russia in the back. Unfortunately what goes around comes around, so pay market rates for your gas or go cold. Simple economics and well understood by Prime Minister Timoshenko who is called the Gas Princess in Ukraine. She is half Armenian so doesn't suffer the usual Ukrainian trait of being as dumb as a box of rocks.

    Maybe the USA can supply some cheap gas along with their missile systems :bball:

    RM :thumright:
  8. Interesting question would (of course) be "what is to stop them doing the same to any other country? There are a lot, including the UK if I understand it correctly, that are a little too dependent on Russian Gas supplies. Isn't this one of the reasons why we're paying so much for ours at the moment?

  9. Business is business, but I was quite pleased that Gazprom got knocked back when they tried buying a stake in Centrica a couple of years ago.

    I know UKplc is for sale, but you've got to draw the line somewhere.

    Politicians failing to learn the lessons of history.

  10. Russia is entitled as a para-capitalist country to charge the going market rate for her oil. Likewise, the Ukraine (historically the breadbasket of Russia) is entitled to charge Russia the going rate for grain or better still, convert it into biofuels. Russia has always been a wealthy country in terms of mineral wealth, but is only beginning to harvest its potential following losing her, heavily subsidised, colonies.
  11. onTo answer Streaky, Lamri and N-M-C.

    Being a "Short Arse" I don't have far to fall.

    However I do like the way that you "Academics" like to spout your own theories and disregard things like facts. I don't care who did what to whom, but millions of Russians died on the Eastern front, therefore saving the lives of Allied forces. FACT!!!

    I got my story from the BBC. Now, while I agree they can be a bit wayward in their reporting, it also appeared on Sky. FAct.

    Didn't Mr Chamberlin come back from Germany waving a piece of paper, something about "Peace in our time"? I wonder what happened? Oh, yes, World War two. FACT.

    Last but not least. It is NOT unknown in this civilised country we inhabit, for Gas companies to disconnect penshioners who have had difficulty in paying their gas bills. FACT.
  12. As you have mentioned me, I have to ask exactly WHERE I pulled you up about Russia in WW2? In fact I agree with you, without Russia we wouldn't be here.
    As for your FACTS, I only asked where you got your information from because I also had a look, and got MY information from the BBC. Obviously the report must have changed in between you posting and me posting my reply ;)
    Some on here look down on the BBC but the fact is that they source a lot of their information from the very same people as other "news" agencies. Reuters for example :)
  13. It was the Molotov - Ribbentrop Pact and it fell apart after Barbarosa but not until after Poland had been divided. Germany had been extensively re-armed during the interwar years - not solely by the Russians but also by the USA and Great Britain [the first Messerschmitt 109's flew on Rolls-Royce engines and guess where they came from :thumright: ]

    If it wasn't for the Russian's efforts in The Great Patriotic War [as they call it] the Allies would have had great difficulty landing in Normandy and casualties would have been huge.

  14. That was in 2003, it's now only possible with a court order and that isn't being issued.
  15. Exactly SF

    No one least of all the UK Gov, seem to realise, that all Russia has to do is turn off the tap and we are done for, Again with France supplying our electrikery

    UK needs to get coal up and running along with Nuclear Power stations, like yesteryear

    Also to get transport,and telecomms back into Gov soonest

    To become self sufficient again (well almost, we have always had to import thus the Battle of the Atlantic)

    We manufacture nothing
    We used to be reliant on service, we have nothing of service to offer now
    all the call centres can now be off-shore, so we have no work
    Finance we have none left

    So how can the remaining few working pay for the immigrants working and child tax, the unemployed social payments, child benefit and housing

    Jack McH
  16. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Believe me, the complete switch off of Russian gas would effect us not a jot! We do have an issue in this country but it's with gas storage, that is being addressed; albeit slowly we should have sorted it years ago but the LNG projects have now forced the hand of govt and companies investing in our power supply.

    One interesting thing I picked up in today's papers though and off thread but to do with your post: apparently 40% of UK families pay no net tax as the tax they pay is received in benefits, how does that work then, does that infer that 60% of us are paying 100% of the costs of running the country :thumright:
  17. Oh dear, Yushenko thought George of Bush was his best friend when he was egging him on to tweak Russia's tail…

    Well the big bad Bear just lashed out and Shrub is nowhere to be seen.
  18. That would depend on whether the calculation included taxes paid on the sale of goods and services. It is very unlikely that many people who have a full time job and pay absolutely no tax as net when you include cigarettes, alcohol, fuel duty, VAT, petrol duty, road tax, TV license, etc.

    I guess PhD students could fall into this tax free catagory since they get paid a stipend from a government agency. Although - if you start down this road then it could follow that no civil servant pays taxes...

    Actually - off topic I know but - why do people in the civil service pay tax? Wouldn't it be simpler just to pay them less and not charge taxes?
  19. This conversation was/is had constantly. When tax was 33%, we reckoned we paid our own wages every 3 months.

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