Scum of the highest order

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Merlin28, Sep 18, 2010.

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  1. Do the time and deport the scum!!!

    Oh no that will be against the human wrong's act!!
  2. Is it me or does it seem to be people from parts of africa mostly committing fraud in this country? Either that or they seem to make it into the news more than others.
  3. It's you.

    And the media.
  4. I thought it was the media. Although in my opinion once you have committed a crime in the UK your Visa should be revoked and you should be bannned from re-entering for five years. Not sure how that would work though in this PC human rights world.
  5. I haven't commited a crime in the UK.

    Edit: OK 40-odd in a 30 limit, but in mitigation I was heading west from Pompey.

    Second edit: And I'm not African. Not even a darkie of any description.

    Third edit: I see your point though. Humans should have no rights whatsoever.
  6. Your not here on a Visa though are you? I am just talking about immigration i.e. visitors to this country. We should be more like Australia where you have to have skills that this country needs. Enough money to sustain yourself and family whilst you look for work aswell as having a clear criminal record.
  7. Your (sic) not here on a Visa though are you?

    No. I've lived here since 1959. Being born here that's how it works.

    immigration i.e. visitors to this country

    Immigrants are not 'visitors', they're immigrants. Clue is in the word, though your grasp of 'your' language, as with so many 'great patriots', is clearly not all that hot so I understand your confusion.

    Anyway, please expand on your hatred of the concept of humans having rights?
  8. I don't have a problem with humans having rights, I just don't see the MP's having enough backbone to send criminals back to their homeland for fear of being anti-human rights. Mainly because people like you are too quick to jump on the racism band wagon, you have practically labelled me one already.
  9. I don't have a problem with humans having rights.

    Nice one. You've changed your mind in a couple of hours.

    people like you

    What? People who actually think about what they read rather than regurgitate it in barely comprehensible gibberish?

    racism band wagon

    Go on - give us a new cliché.
  10. No further comments from me as I always lose when arguing with militant idiots like you.
  11. Fair enough.
  12. Guz, in fairness to Merlin, according to promises made when the flood gates were opened to immigration in the '60's ,any immigrant that was convicted of a criminal offence in the UK, was supposed to be deported on completion of their sentence.
    A promise made to the citizens of the UK, which has been blatantly disregarded.
    And when you think that the "English"are the only country in the union of Great Briton without a national assembly, it is quite easy to see the anger of some who feel they are unrepresented and their views ignored.
    It is the arrogance of governments towards their citizens that create breeding grounds for nationalism, especially when promises are discarded.
    It is no secret that Britain is the soft option for refugees and asylum seekers, and it is also no secret that we are overrun with flotsam/ jetsum of the world because of it.
  13. Sorry (no I'm not), Rumrat has it right. We have enough of our own reoffending bandits without throwing out the welcome mat to other bludgers, of whatever reflectivity index.

    Personally, if they sod up on the first pass they are out; ENDEX.
  14. of whatever reflectivity index

    No hint of foul racism there then?


    Ah - you decide when the debate ends then do you?

    Rumrat - off to my pit now - adult discussion on your comments tomorrow :wink:
  15. Me; racist? There's many a "white" English bastard that grips my s**t as well.

    My ENDEX was in relation to the treatment of the individuals we were discussing; not our discussion. Sorry if that confused you.
  16. Quick sound the racism alarm


    Give it a rest will you Guzzler
  17. No.

    Give a rational answer or fuck off.
  18. Merlin, when you have finished feeding birdseed to the cuckoo on your crab clock ( try practising winding THAT up.

    When you start to tangle with the likes of the above posters you will soon realise that you are just a wee tad beyond your three-foot shallow-end depth limit.
  19. Guzzler. I have to your former. Sweet dreams my luvver. [​IMG]

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