Sculpture to mark Scotland/England border.


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What is wrong with Hadrian's Wall? That has marked the boundary for long enough and helped keep the English out of Scotland! :)


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Seriously it needs to be something that represents the best of our shared culture and heritage...

... so that'll be statues of Marvin from the Scheme and Vicky Pollard then!


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I would hazzard a guess at the English taxpayer via various routes of money moving, but I could be wrong.
My father inlaw comes out with that pish all the time, despite living in Sheffield where the sum of **** all of the population have jobs. He does not care for the view that most likely the South East of England and a handfull of other economically productive areas subsidise the rest of the country regardless of nationality. Typical Yorkshire, "Ah don't know much, but you can't tell me owt!".
Shame it's any twat, what a waste of money. Ain't the sign post big enough to see. Funny I never have any problem knowing when I pass the divide.
Never mind when they throw some of the old bastards out of a local nursing home for lack of funds, perhaps a trip to see it will cheer them up.

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