Many of you will remember visiting RN establishment eith as a Cadet or an Adult some of you may even have drawn duties to server for the Cadets whilst in the RN/RM.

Wonder who you remember as being the SCTO in your time and I bet there are some wonderful stories about them.

I will throw a few name into start the barrel rollong you can then add to them:-

HMS RALEIGH - Jerry Weever followed by Dick Bartion with Jan Bouistow and Tony Hull as his side kicks.

HMS EXCELLENT - Frank Naylor - Bill Smith and Ken ? aid by Ray Russell.

HMS OSPREY - Red Bolton, Maurace Searle followed by the infamous Frank Trickey then Alan Waters

RNAS CULDROSE - Cyril Lane followed by Tony Smart.

RNAY WROUGHTON - Cyril Bartlett followed by Jim Gibson.

SWABS - Alan Rowbotham aided by George and co.

I sure there are many more - come on and tell your stories.

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