Scruffy submariner b*stards

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Jan 21, 2010.

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  1. There's me sat in my car only two fcuking ferries on again 1 hour que, next inbound ferry into torpoint disembarks what I thought was a bunch of labourers heading for a building site nah bunch of submariners off to RALEIGH for the day some had caps some had ferrets, hands in pockets smoking tabs on their way to catch the bus in full view of 6 lanes of cars. A fcuking SR was with them hands in pocket as well. I was ashamed of them what must the public think bet it doesn't happen in a Garrison town.
    Whoever the CO is of that particular boat should be asking questions of his XO and Coxn.
    Never been one to preach about standards just kept my own dress clean because I was proud to wear it.
    At a time when pusser is getting bashed in the press no wonder with that shower of shit.
    Me now stepping down off the podium had my say feeling better.
  2. Now you know how the Army feels when looking at anyone from the Navy
  3. Drop a line to the Capt of said establishment and air your view....I'm sure he will be grateful
  4. Couldn't agree more. Pisses me off when you see Jack being a scruffy barsteward when traveling between the dockyard and Torpoint. Being a "submariner" is no excuse. They're all in the the Navy with the same rules and regulations. Scruffy gits. WreckerL and Polto will probably be along in a minute to have their say and to defend their "boat buddies".
    Rant over. Oooh that made me feel good.
  5. I'm sure someone in the yard has seen my post - fcuk me I just wish they'd be proud of the uniform instead of trying to look hard and salty.
    Inside the wall relax but in view if civvie cnuts behave and look the part. :D

  6. Torpoint and the ferries have always shown the Royal Navy at it's finest.

    Looking on the bright side - after the next defence cuts a trip on the ferry will be the nearest that most matelots will ever get to going to sea. :bball:

  7. Just keeping up the finest traditions of the S/M Service...... :wink:

    (Give 'em Kit Musters? Shortest S/M evolution ever :twisted: )
  8. Phew, that´s a relief! I have very seldom seen scruffy jack me dhobi buckets sauntering round Gosport or Fareham recently................... :wink:

    While I totally agree with what has been said re standards, perhaps ´they´are too cautious to bollock them, in case they whack in their notice, or whatever it´s called these days.

    Also, they (all) must have recently left a RN establishment of some description, probably via the Main Gate, so how did they escape? And how will they get back in again after lunch or whatever, in such a shit shape?
  9. Good call its not just them who have let standards slip and the bit about being in the wall where the civvies can't see them is pish there are more civvies in the bases now than jack.
  10. Let them alone. The only reason they were scruffy is because they work so much harder than skimmers that it wears their cloths out.

    No tiddly lockers to hang things on a boat like you cosseted skimmer bastards.
  11. ....and the cautious SR had to have his hand in his pocket to keep a firm grip on his bulging wallet (full of SSP S/M)

    After all, there are all sorts of suspicious/envious characters on that particular ferry........
  12. You seen the lot in Brompton Barracks lately ?

  13. There are many ways in and out of the Naval Base were Jack does not come into contact Navy S/Rs and I include LHs in that statement, just pop into the Avondale any lunchtime and you will see Jack - Skimmer and Submariner in ovvies or No4s having a pint or three.
    The submarine service has always been elitist but so too were the feckin SS but at least they dressed smartly!!
    There cannot be any excuse for an unidy matelot these days Single Living Accomodation (en suite) free kit exchange and fcukng good rates of pay. BUT someone has to take charge and enforce discipline not just the reugulating staff hate to quote QRRNs but it is the duty of all LHs and above to maintain the standards of the service.
    Yes I am just a silly old sad fcuker but what the taxpayer sees for his money down here appears to be a slovenly bunch of louts complete with foul language and thats without a drink inside them. I've seen the local sea cadets wth higher standards. Its been in decline for years. I used to get phone calls from SRs saying they had just picked up so and so for not wearing his beret or he (or she) hadn't shaved FFS they didn't even realise it was their job to do that sort of thing!!!
    In the town centre in Plymouth the young new joiners fom RALEIGH wander round the city centre in uniform they don.t go in pubs they are to scared to because discipline exists in RALEIGH its once they get to sea - the average SR at sea can't be fcuked even to muster the troops at turn to its always someone elses job to maintain the standards of the service but from what I observe down here they've forgotten how to do it or don't give a fcuk but take the queens shilling every month.
    Off my soapbox now - I await the wrath of the great unwashed unshaven and unironed
  14. Stan,

    Humour aside, a short letter on your concerns to whoever is i/c RN guzz these days should earn a reply and may even result in a Gen Message on 'Improving standards of appearance whilst ashore'.

    Despite the craic at RR I'm sure most will share your pride in the Service and privately wish it was not let down so often by a few 'scruffs'.

    Please let us know when you receive a reply because merely bleating here will change nothing.

    Serious Mode switched back to the OFF Positiion

  15. Bod cheers mate but as an old lag who knows how "they" work I would probably recieve a rather patronising letter stating that action are being taken rest asured blah blah fcuking blah let the SRs strt cracking fooking heads again and sorting the little scruffy feckers out. Good kit muster and a warm shower would sort most of em out :D
  16. Apologies Bob Fooking laptop keys keep sticking hitting the fookers with a toffee hammer at the moment promise I'm not dislexic or whatever 8O

  17. I agree as a professional organisation high standards are ment to be maintained no matter where we are in the world.
    I always thought that when ever you go for a tab you ment to take your lid off?.
    Its a shock when you see British military personal looking like a bag of shit when in rig as this image gets put accross to the civie.
  18. Stan: Last paragraph of your thread......why are you proud of wearing a dress ?
  19. Feck the civvies, have you seen how the mateys look, no better if you ask me, as for looking prim and proper, only anchor faced bastards get to do that, or brown nosers, suck ups whatever you call them nowadays...who has time to look tiddly these days...suck it up, if you don't like it, slap in and leave...ffs.....if it's working rig, then guess what, they are working...something skimmers are forever found wanting of course..."work"...tars have never looked sharp whilst working or sailing, if you want to look pretty all the time then get a shore draft and stay there... :wink: :D
  20. I disagree, i like to look like i made an effort, although i use to wear CS95, its still working rig, and i like to think i had pride in what ever i wear civie or military. Every bootneck would make some sort of effort on their rig if they were exposed to the public as looking like a bag of shit does not look very professional.

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