Scrooge was a Yorkshireman.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Stirling, Dec 11, 2012.

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  2. Nowt wrong wi' looking after t'brass
  3. depends what type of sausage you got given,

  4. Yes it was confusing, he said if I didn't like it I could shove it up my arse. At least I think he said "I" and not "I'll".
  5. Did you enjoy it then
  6. Was it a savile-oy
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  7. It was much better on bread than the alternative.
    It was ethnic York sausage and actually very nice. Better than the shit I got fed at Howden in Yorkshire, that put me in York hospital for three days.
  8. Knew a bloke in the mob known as NAFFI sausage, he was full of shit
  9. These are them.

    Masham Sausages
  10. How'den, howden howden guys and gals
  11. I am ashamed to say I have relations in Yorkshire! Talk about tight arsed ... they are loaded in dosh ... posh Jaguar cars (one each), Caribbean Cruises, Countyside Mansion however this year I had a "time share" Chrimbo card from the tight arse twats! One Christmas card sent to my Mother to also pass onto me once she's put it on her mantlepiece for a few days! Pizo git even put a 2nd class stamp on the thing!

    Not to be out done I sent 'em a blank chrimbo card with a post it note inside saying who it was from and seeing they were so hard up they could use it again next year and use the Stamped Addressed Envelope so they didn;t have to pay for the stamp to send it back!
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  12. Cue violins............

    Dad was a farm labourer, when he married me mam he was given a tied 1 bed cottage but the family started to grow (have 6 brothers and 3 sisters) but instead of moving us to a bigger property the tight arsed farmer craned in an old railway carriage that he had bin using as a chicken coop, twas like a hospital ward with the beds lined up either side. When dad died in an accident at work farmer gave mam a weeks notice to quit cottage as he said he needed it for someone else. Luckily for us some new council houses were nearing completion in the village and mam was given first choice. Cottage and former chicken coop remained empty until land was sold 8 yrs later
  13. I dont think Scrooge was that bigger barstwerd
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  14. Let him out Stirling, I'd pay money to watch a load of cyclists being chased down the road by a pack of dogs. Yorkshires answer to the Pamplona Bull Run.
  15. Aye could do that, seriously though this is a massive coup for the area when you see who we were up against, biggest free sporting event in the world bringing loads of dosh and repeat business to the region. WAS a cyclist but after being knocked off my pushrod 3 times by impatient motorists, I ditched the bike and now walk but am a massive fan of the sport despite the drug mess so can't wait.

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