Scrapbooker needs Navy Words


Lantern Swinger
Mixy Blob
Blob up
Angles and Dangles
Shit on raft
Pot Mess
Cheese Hush
Babies Heads aka Nippers Nappers
Dhobying (maybe spelling) Dhoby Whallah
Sod's Opera
Barklets, Clinger's and Arrigonies
Dockyard Bike


Lantern Swinger
Life in a blue suit Jack.
Simp (could only ever be said properly by Pat Patilla)
Steaming bats
beer bo'sun
We're all on the same ship, but not all in the same boat.
You've not dipped out, it's just you haven't dipped in.


Lantern Swinger
H M Jolly
Club Swinger
Put me down Royal you don't where I've been
Green lid
Rum bosun
Rear party
Second leave is best
I am laughing my socks off cos now I need a dictionary!!!! What funny words. Some a little unusual but I will get cracking onthem straight away. I will post here when I have finished the sheet and show you what I have done.

You've all been very helpful.

BTW, are these words all relevant to todays Navy?

Re: Scrapbooker needs Marines Words

Is there a big difference between the marines and the Navy?

Can anyone help me with words for the Marines. I need about 20 or more.


Marine words:

Yomp...............Forced march/hike with a heavy load
Threaders.........fed up
Wet..............brew/hot drink/beer/water
Ogin..............the sea
Dip...............miss out on something
Bandy.........Royal Marine Musician
Bin............throw away
Egyptian PT......sleep
Essence........good looking/desirable
Nod..........RM recruit
Puzzle Palace.........HQ building (most famous one at CTCRM)
Sprog.................young marine/baby
Buzz...............rumour aquire female company
Gronk.........ugly female company
Snurgle.........sneak in for a recce

Editted by request.


War Hero
RDP - Run down period, at the end of a deployment or draft
DSMSMR -dont see me, see my relief, common utterance during RDP
Goffer -Big wave, or tin of pop. To be goffered, is to get wet from said spray.
Roughers - bad sea/weather often generating goffers over ship
Hoolie- (blowing a) High wind
Float test - Involves subjecting an item of kit, person or other to Jacks favourite disposal point (i.e. over the side/arse end) with the expectation that the thing under test will fail.
2 deck pinball- negotiating the main passageway of ship when either inebriated or during roughers (or both), bouncing off firefighting lockers etc.
Crimp - to fall asleep, eg in mess square (not advisable)
Safeguard- proper use is during exercises to denote that something is real and not for exercise, but abused during mess banter to mean the speaker is telling the truth and not just spinning a dit, preceded or followed with "gen dit!!"
Dear Jack- Like a dear John but usually involving her doing your mate, brother, sister etc and sometimes sending photographic or video evidence to twist the knife. I imagine its much the same with email.
Bats- boots, usually steaming bats.
Twatbat- Persuasion device wielded by sentries to discourage fighting.
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