'Scrap Plymouth's nuclear submarine work to save cash'

I think some of these public service union numpties need to get in the real world, first why should their mates be exempt from the pain, they presumably voted for the government that got us into the mess (remember mr end of boom and bust). Why should I pay taxes to keep them feather bedded with inflation proof pay and pensions when every one else suffers. Times have changed Gordon has taxed us to a standstill, allowed the banks to run riot, and spent all the money he should have been saving for a rainy day. They voted for him and his mates they share the pain, in fact perhaps they should have a bit extra pain.

Thingy is of course excempt.


This is great. Scrap Plymouth nuclear work and what will happen to all the dockies? Do they not count? Save binmen but bollocks to those with trade training?

Part of me is jealous of the trade unions for having so much power and defending their members so well.

Part of me thinks they hark too much to elements of communism, and the country would be better off without them. But if that was the case, where would we get Government ministers from?

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