Scouse Slim and Fred.were Skin and Pontius was just a twinkle in his Fathers eye


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I must try harder to perfect one of those Pathe narrator voices; they'd go down spiffingly in the Colonies. I do like the carefully designed white camouflage paint :-D (yes, I realise its significance for the newly-embarked 'H' bombers). They all look pretty light, given the launch and trap approach speeds, so they're probably 'H' bomb-less.......but they still can't hover :notworthy:

As for me being a twinkle; I don't think I was even that then. 3 years before I was born = a lot of water under the bridge for the young Bootneck that was/is my Dad :)


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Yes i was on there 63 - 65 Port watch flight deck my eldest step-brother was a deck PO and gave me all the Shite jobs.
Anyway it was a funny commish first we had the cabs in the montage, then the Mark 1 Bucc,s took over from the Scimiters (I cant find my pics of them). we also had these two trials a/c the mark2 bucc and the Mark 2 Vixen.
And just for nostalga Me and my oppo,s of the port watch lol


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I think your right Scouse, i seem to remember the Flyco pipe for them when landing was "Standby to recieve the Boscombe Bucc and the MinTec Vixens"


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At least 1 pic of a Scimitar, going off the cat. Will have to see if I can search out some of 803 squadron, when on the Vic.

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