Scouse - Did you have a good time at FlyNavy100?

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, May 11, 2009.

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  1. Well - tell us all about it .........
  2. :oops: Charlie and Andy could give you a worms eye view, noticed the Royal Standard flying from the Lusty :wink: :wink: To be honest i was gutted with the flypast, seen more choppers on Monday morning at Portland, Ha!Ha! 8 fixed wing as well :oops: :oops: Was waiting for the Buccs/Sea Vixens/ Gannets/ Hunters etc, like in the 50 th flypast 8) 8) 8) but hey its not like it used to be. Some dude gave me a load of bullshit in the Aircraft carrier Alliance tent, about no cats/wires, on the new carriers, and AEW cover that was provided by the Sea Kings.. He said they would put 2 Sea Kings up to give greater AEW cover. :oops: :oops: Must give a special mention to POACM Jay Odonnell?? real good egg nice to talk to, no waffle told it how it is. Done some 18 yrs service.( he knows what hes talking about Re Plane guard!!!! in the new world) Im putting you up for Chief!! Dont know what the P/U was like :oops: at St Pauls, my names not down im not comming in. So fcuk it of to Leeds Castle, to Lady Ballies place, Sister of my all time great The Right Hon Dorothy Paget, Race horse owner of 5 Cheltenham gold Cups, Comps as well, so somebody likes me :roll: :roll:
  3. Have you been piloting flying machines again Scousey? :razz: :sex:
  4. The bad old days Soliel May 64 when i was Invited :wink: :wink: The 50 YR FLYPAST Fairey Swordfish (pilot, Rear Admiral P. D. Gick; observer, Rear Admiral H. R.
    Janvrin; telegraphist/air gunner, Lt Cdr C. Topliss).
    Wasps of 829 Sqn (Lt Cdr K. Mitchell) and 771 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. R. J. Rutherford).
    12 Wessexes of 819 Sqn (Lt Cdr P. J. Lynn), 706 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. E. Kelly), 737 Sqn
    (Lt Cdr R. Leonard) and 829 Sqn.
    Gannets of 849 Sqn (Lt Cdr W. H. Barnard) and 831 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. G. Grindle).
    12 Hunters of 738 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. W. Beard) and 759 Sqn (LtCdrA. H. Milnes).
    12 Scimitars of 803 Sqn (Lt Cdr P. G. Newman) and 736 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. Worth).
    12 Sea Vixens of 899 Sqn (Cdr D. C. Matthews), 890 Sqn (Lt Cdr R. G. M.Campbell)
    and 766 Sqn (Lt Cdr G. P. Carne).
    12 Buccaneers of 800 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. C. Mather) and 809 Sqn (Lt Cdr J. F. H. C. De Winton went to that one 809sqdn All aircrew and groundcrew formed up at VL
  5. What did you reckon to the static displays?
  6. excellent, :wink: where we you??? on the Kent!!!
  7. Was down there among the static stuff Sunday, but took pictures of Lusty as she came through the Barrier/turned around near the Dome/moored up on Wednesday. Caught some of the flypast but didn't get good pics ...........

    She's still at Greenwich now, due to a delay in sailing due to crosswinds on the Thames.
  8. :roll: :roll: The Admiral Hardy will be packed :wink: :wink: will have to send Thingy round to do that Kissing :sex: Routine :roll:
  9. Meant to say that Lusty finally left Greenwich this morning at 0500. The crosswinds at the time were still pretty fierce but, with only two suitable times during any given day for her to go, she didn't have many options. Had four tugs with her.
  10. Dont suppose you could do your magic??? on any Pics of the 50 th year Flypast ,soliel best buddy :wink: :wink:
  11. Oh Scouse, I was going to ask you ............

    Did you see the Flypast?
  12. Nope was starting the Buccs up at VL in 64 :wink: :wink:
  13. Ah, I see. I meant "did you see the Flypast last Thursday?".

    I will see what I can find from the 50th anniversary flypast for you.
  14. Damn..... I was just on my way to the Admiral Hardy to do my bit for all those Lusty sailors' morale. :sad2:
  15. Bit like the flypast in 1977 for her dibs 's 25th anny. No fixed wing just rotary..
  17. But there was a lot more rotary in 77.

    ( I know I spent long nights guarding the flaming things on the airfield at deadloss!) Perks of being on killicks course!!!!!!!

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