Scottish referendum and the conflict in Syria...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by CDW22, Aug 26, 2014.

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  1. With the Scottish referendum scheduled for the 18th September and the conflict involving the IS militants in Iraq and Syria becoming a growing issue for the UK, how will this affect our forces? I am aware there is a possibility of UK military intervention (or more than just SF) in Iraq/Syria but how will the supposed withdrawal of certain resources from our forces due tothe jocks needing them,affect the chances of intervention? If there is a higher percentage for the yes vote would this put the UK off? Just a thought hope someone could shed some light.
  2. The cold light of reality is this - Scotland will remain a part of the UK for a long time to come, and be a significant contributor to our combined armed forces in the same manner as we have proudly done over the centuries.

    The Government will continue to make decisions based on what they consider to be the best for interests of Britain, as influenced their political hue.

    In other words - no change.
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  3. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    The men/women who serve are in the Royal Navy, not the Scottish Defence Force.. When their contracts expire then, those that wish to, could transfer. Alec Salmond can hardly say 'You are a Scot so you're mine'. This is, of course, all speculative as the vote hasn't taken place yet.
  4. Or to use the name of a BBC news program of many years ago, "Carry on London".
  5. The situation as I understand it(I have been known to get the wrong end of the stick however) is that an independent Scotland would argue that a percentage of the UK military resources have been paid for partly by Scottish taxpayers. They would, therefore, demand a certain amount of those resources for their own protection. Whether this would include personnel, I don't know, but as there are few training establishments for the military in Scotland they would be in no position to supply trained personnel to man the resources so a certain proportion would be asked to volunteer to transfer to the SDF. That idea may well appeal to some Scots presently serving south of the border so it may not be such a big problem added to which if the remainder of the UK has fewer assets it will need fewer personnel. I accept this is all speculation and will be null and void should the referendum give a "No" result but should it go the other way there will be some entertaining negotiations in the following couple of years.
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  6. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Indeed there will. I only hope that if a YES vote is predominant we have someone more talented and strong on our negotiation team that Alistair Darling was against Alec Salmond in the last of the head to heads.
    I hate to speculate but , if in the event of Scotland not getting the £, Salmond refuses to pay his share of the National debts, then he loses his right to anything from Westminster.
  7. It'll be interesting to see what'll happen if Scotland does go independent! Hard to even give a good prediction as it could go so many ways...
  8. Fixed that for you...;)
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  9. This cracks me the f*%k up every time. How could this even be quantified, entirely arbitrary in my mind. 'Screw you guys, Im going home... and taking my ball with me!'
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  10. And that's why they were (are?) called FRISPs.
  11. If the Jocks do vote "yes" on the 18th, they won't get independence overnight. It still has to be enacted through parliament and receive Royal Assent. In answer to the original question, the Syrian unpleasantness might be over by Crimbo whereas the Scot's matter might take a bit longer.
  12. Two or three years is being forecast to sort out the divorce but that might be a tad optimistic unless current attitudes on both sides of the debate are modified.
  13. It might be in Scotland's interest to sort this mess out as well. A few more outrageous events to get the public whipped up in a frenzy and Salmond might not be able to refuse the SNPs support.
  14. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    I'm still convinced that Alec Salmond is only aiming for the notoriety of being the man who broke the United Kingdom. His rhetoric seems false. Whichever way the vote goes he will be remembered.
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