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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Kilo, Jul 20, 2009.

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  1. My friend wants to apply to apply to become an officer. He has several qualifications but isn't sure which qualifications are allowed in the 180 point score as he has seen contradicting information.

    So which of the following count and for how much?

    Intermediate 2
    Standard Grade
    Core Skills
    Higher level NQs
    Higher National Units

    Thank you :)
  2. Kilo

    Can you list the exact qualifications your friend has, please?

    How old is he?

    Which branch is he looking at?
  3. Eh of the top of his head he has.....

    Modern Studies B
    English C
    Geography D

    Also has all the internal assesments for Higher Chemistry, Physics and Biology but his course never required him to pass the external exam ie NQ Access to Science

    Intermediate 2
    History A
    Physics B
    English A

    Standard Grades
    Modern Studies 2
    Social and Vocational Skills 2
    English 3
    Physics 3
    Mathematics 3
    Music 4
    Art 4

    Intermediate 1 IT units and Religious, Moral & Philisophical Studies units

    He can't remember the rest, thinks he has all core skills at higher + higher national units of psychology and politics.

    He is 22 and is thinking about Logistics, says he is not to fussed if he doesn't meet the grade. Will happily go in as a Personel Logistician.
  4. He's got a qualification in "English", Alex "Braveheart" Salmond will not be happy with that!!!!
  5. And all the oil and gas we apparently nicked from them. Oh well gives them someone to blame doesn't it!! :roll: :roll: :D
  6. Scottish waters actually contain the largest oil reserves in the European Union :p however you are correct you didn't steal it as it is technically British waters, share and share alike! :)
  7. Thanks for that pearl of wisdom mate!! :wink:
  8. Why doesn't your friend do his own posting? Are you his secretary or something ... ?
  9. I metioned this forum and he asked me to, seen as I'm on holiday thought I'd help him out :)
  10. Take all the oil you need Scotland will only bleed it back :D
  11. So only highers count for Scottish qualifications?
  12. Kilo - Soleil and Ninja Stoker are the people to listen to - they are recruiting officers.
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Actually, I rather think RO77 maybe correct as Scottish intermediate qualifications are not accepted as equivalent to GCSEs or AS levels unfortunately.

    Assuming your mate can work a telephone, he may like to dial 08456 07 55 55 for definitive advice or check out the AFCO link in the signature block below to speak directly to a Scottish AFCO who are probably better placed to give definitive advice with regard accepted qualifications.

    Sorry, "me no speakie the lingo, pour favor, by-the-wey".

    Best of luck.
  14. Ipso Factso.
  15. Thank you, will pass that number on :)
  16. Seems to me he is already acting like an officer and getting everyone else to do his work for him.... He would most likely make it Admiral starting like this.

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