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War Hero
The problem with the British social security system is that for far too many it is now seen as the lifestyle choice.
Before I left the RN the government had a scheme which paid unemployment benefits according to previous salary for a period of one year. Thus someone leaving the services could afford to be a little choosy and find a job he wanted rather than take the first job offered. This however finished before my release in 85.
Having paid into the system since age 15 I now have to wait until I'm 65 (another 3 years) to obtain any benefit from my input. No problem as I have enough to live on and pay my council taxes etc.
However if the Great is ever to be put back into Britain the country wil need to drastically overhaul the benefits system and tackle crime more effectively.
However in my opinion once the benefit culture has been tackled effectively crime will drop dramatically. Those committing it will be working too hard to earn a living.

Like you I have paid in since I left school and never been on the bru, and have 3 years to wait for the OAP too.

In my experience most of those getting benefits would rather work, but for various reasons are unable to. I do agree there are those who prefer benefits but in reality they are the minority, but of course the TV and the Wail can always find a few to back up their scam stories.

I do agree the system needs to be revised, it is too inflexible and make the return to work for many who want to work dificult. The system needs to be seamles and sensibly tapered from fully supported to fully self supporting. All needs to be dealt with by a single agency, with a single form and a single payment. There needs to be a reward for work, not a cut in real spending power as too many today find.

The way to cut crime is not through the benefit system but through sorting out the drug problem and allowing plods to plod rather than form fill