Scottish Goverments response to the Royal Bank Of Scotland

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by YouAreHavingALaugh, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. They are very quick with the we want more money from England requests.

    But hang on, it is the RBOS that is failing, so why do they not bail it out instead of using our money.

    Swings and roundabouts come to mind

    So they want english interference when it suits them.

    This will provoke some responses no doubt. :lol:
  2. Nice thought but RBOS is not exclusively Scottish though - is it?

  3. Was Originally before it merged with National westminster???? why dont the jocks nationalise it :thumright: Come on Alex :thumright:
  4. Because we Jocks don't have a nation into which to nationalise it - thank fcuk for that. (I would not trust anyone at Holyrood to run a bath let alone an independent country.)

    Fair point though about Salmond. Very quick to ask for UK cash when suddenly his pie-in-the-sky ideas about the Scottish economy are put into sharp relief as first-class bullsh1t.
  5. Now that its owned by the British taxpayer, perhaps it should be merged with all the other banks we've given handouts to.... er I means state aid to.... and renamed the Royal Bank of British Taxpayers (or FUKUALL for short) ;)
  6. Or maybe we could call it the "Post Office" ? :hockey: :thumright:
  7. How are you Dunkers?
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    No grooming!
  9. Fantastic news to hear that the Government will need to borrow the £37Bn to bail the banks out. Can anyone spot the problem with that?

    And (as I type) I hear on the news that we're now going to lend money to that Icelandic bank in order for them to make good on the money they owe us .... ??? Why exactly did we allow our councils to put their money in offshore accounts in the first place. What happened to Buy British?

    Fucked up or what!!

  10. And here is another that puzzles me, 40 million from one Council in the icebank, WTF? Council money is supposed to be spent in the area that they collect it from, why is 40 million not being spent?

    answers on a postcard to someone that no-one will reply to.
  11. Personally I think that these councils need to be asked to account for their irresponsible actions but thats unlikely.

  12. Re: Scottish Goverments response to the Royal Bank Of Scotla

    Do not imagine that the last thing on Gordon Brown's mind when he set all this up was that the Scot Nat's fox will be shot as the banks there(with one exception the Clydesdale) willl be in hock to the UK in genereral for yonks.Salmond was putting a brave face on it today but he knows the game is up for the time being.
  13. Pension funds for public sector workers.
  14. And Scotland does not have a government - it has an assembly (group of ******* to you and me).
  15. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I struggle to fully understand all this reasons for this problem, probably like most people.
    I have no idea how money flows between banks. People have been warning about this for years. 20 years of greed by the banks giving credit (loans, cards & mortages) to people who are a risk. You've got to laugh at the good old banks of the USA, who managed to dump some of these bad debts onto the banks within europe. Then again you have to question the muppets in charge of UK banks why they took them on. Only one answer IMO, profit and greed.
  16. Because the English parliament in Westminster was to afraid to give the Scots parliament powers to do such things.
  17. Just one little point you have which is incorrect, there is no English Parliament. There is a British or UK Parliament which sits at Westminster in England but to date it is not an English Parliament. It never will be while Labour are in power and require the votes of Scottish MP's to control England.

    Labour only gave major, in terms of that which the Welsh and Northern Irish have, powers to the Scottish Assembly as they never thought there was ever a possibility that they may lose control of that assembly.

    Whilst living in Spain, what you voters do to the UK is your business, I only pay my taxes to the Central Government at Whitehall.

  18. It was only a couple or few weeks ago that Salmond was holding up the likes of Iceland as an example of what a small country like Scotland can aspire to.

    Not so easy to make mischief now, is it?

    (Edited because of finger trouble.)

  19. Scotland/Iceland can be a cold place.......
  20. Nail on head, thats what Salmond is all about, mischief making.

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