Scottish Elections May 3rd

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Junglie_killick, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. Hello guys, As most of you probably know us jocks have got an election next month, and the way it's looking right now (in the polls anyway) the SNP are going to get a bit of power.
    I was just wonderin what you guys think will happen to the Scots currently serving in the U.K. Forces if the SNP get their way and get independence? Also, had a look on the SNP website, they want to set up a Scottish Defence Force, and they want currently serving Scots to leave the U.K. Forces and sign up with them, would anyone actually think of doing that?
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    You Jocks have been wingeing for feckin years about being in the British armed forces, we're all awful to you and call you rude names like ginger, jock, twat and hamish, hey ho, go independant and free us English from the Scottish yolk around our necks....go on, please...please...we've nicked all yer oil so what you got to lose?
  3. Don't think I've ever moaned about serving queen and country, and I don't think my two grandads did when they were both serving to protect everyone in the U.K. even the English, come to think of it don't think my uncle did either, or any of the numerous Scottish lads I see in Iraq every few months when I'm deployed in Basra or the Scottish lads on my Squadron. But I respect your opinion!
  4. Dunno about the Scottish Defence Force-----

    I was in the Scottish Navy for about 16 years -------Faslane!!

    Yeah------get the Jocks Independant

    then they can have all the useless MP's that are cluttering up the Westminster Parliament back ------------especially Gordon B and the other
    I think its only the Scots Labour MP's that got this present HMG in power anyway.
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Woow, a ....cant spell the friggin word I was lookin least I've met a jock who doesn't think Mel gibson is related to Robert the Bruce.
  6. I,ll spell it for you. FREEDOM!! and see you jimmy I will tell you this.I,m way better looking than MG.any ladies still here I,m not kidding. :roll:
  7. Well it's fingers crossed for the SNP. When I was forced to live up there I always used to vote for them. If they repatriate all the Jockistanis north of the wall it will not have a negative impact on England; I'm sure that taking their MP's back with them will solve the West Lothian problem and hell's bells won't England seem strange without a Wee Hairy on every street corner selling the Big Issue.

    Oh! I love a lassy............
  8. taking their MP's back with them <quote>It ain't going to happen,why would they want to rule just a bit of the UK when they can F**k the whole kingdom ?The useless wastes of good skin want power at any price
  9. Rocky Salmond leading Scotland to independence? Get tae Falkirk! He's a bigger clown than Coco, me however............................
  10. I think English education has got even worse than was previously thought, as they seem to have lost the ability to add and subtract, but if you do subtract the number of Scots MPs from the total at Westminster and then compare the number of English Labour MPs with the total left you will find that there is still a clear majority for the Labour party, so there is no way you can blame the Scots for the present government it is all the fault of the English.
  11. Saying that Scotland has oil is like saying that Southampton has bananas. Be careful though, 'cos if Scotland has its own Navy (The Royal Scots Navy, The Jockanese Navy) they will have nuclear weapons! :D
  12. So who will be the Queen of Scotland? Mel 'Bravefart' Gibson?
  13. I would be happy to just subtract the number of Scots MPs from the cabinet….

    These tossers are elected in Scotland yet serve in Westminster….but English MPs are not allowed to serve on the Scottish cabinet……

    The fact is Scotland has taken over the running of this country big time ….. and we won`t get back on track until the fcukers are dispatched back where they belong…
  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I keep coming back to the same question, how will the Scots finance complete independance??
  15. UA, you have the government you elected, now don't blame us for that. If you want to have English legislation done in the UK parliament you have to put up with UK MPs voting, the answer to all of this lies in English hands, sort it or shut it.
  16. Ooh Jock! You're so masterful! :lol:
  17. Same way as any other independant country, you makes your choices and pays the tax. The real question could of course be is how would England finance itself without Scotland, and this is why every government for the past 30 years at least has done eveery thing it could to rubbish the concept of an independant Scotland despite the 'obvious' cost to English voters.
  18. If you think I voted for this shower of sh!t then you`re up the wrong street

    The obvious reason that the government spend more per head in Scotland is because it`s where most of the cabinet come from…their just looking after their constituants

    Sneeky bleeders…they have introduced some really nice laws for themselves….. no prescription charges…. free uni education and some great ground breaking stuff for their pensioners…..who unlike the english , don`t have to sell their houses to pay for healthcare…
    And the evil stroke is they have got us ********* to pay for it all.
  19. I think a Scottish Defence Force would be a terrible idea - the jocks have been an intrinsic part of the UK's forces for years - hundreds of years in fact. many great military victories have been attributed to the jocks - my favourite story is the commando in a kilt during D-Day who took a pill box and 6 germans prisonar armed with only a claymore (probably a bayonet!!)

    And we would'nt have had such classics as carry on up the khyber!

    Think of all those traditions lost and the fact that we couldn't keep our own numbers up if all the celts leave the forces - we'll be left with all the chavs!!
  20. It was the collective you, but you cannot deny England elected a Labour Government, and if you want to change that it has to be done in England, it is your fellow country men you need to deal with.

    As to the money we get, the folmula was set up many years ago and has been approved and not changed by successive governments over most of my life, and how some sixty Scots MPs can force ten time that number into giving them special priviledges does not say very much for the English.

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