Scotsman: "SNP will let English keep military bases"

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by soleil, Oct 11, 2009.

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  1. So the SNP want English bases paid for by English taxpayers, many of whom wrongly believe they already heavily subsidise Scotland, to be kept going but English defence, and thus foreign policy, to be subject to a Holyrood veto?Scotland as a seperate part of NATO is feasible, but her defences would also be seperate and financed by the Scottish taxpayer. If all Scottish service personnel returned to Scotland, could Holyrood pay their wages, etc. The assumption that the oil revinue will be controlled by Edinburgh assumes that those islands, historically owned by Denmark and sold to the English King, would choose to remain Scottish. As Oslo is nearer than Edinburgh they may opt for independence and union with Norway. The oil revinue will also run out. Scotland needs to invest much more in innovation if its not to become over reliant on tourism. Her water is likely to prove a valuable commodity to sell to drought prone Southern England.


    On an semi-abstract note, what would a Royal/Republican Scottish Navy (RSN) look like?
  2. Don't listen to The Salmon, hes a duckling marspole. Fed up of him pissing over the fence.

    On the topic of a Scottish Navy, would probably look alright I suppose :? Bureaucratic nightmare? Perhaps! Women on boats? Compulsory! :lol: 8O
  3. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think it's all about telling the defence-employed section of his own electorate that their jobs at Lossie etc are safe, so they can safely vote SNP.

    The end result in actuality will be that Scotland becomes a region of Europe along with several English regions, as Lisbon works its magic and the national status of the component EU countries is dissolved, which our Govt has already agreed to as a dowry to get Blair the Presidency. Defence and Foreign policy will then be European, not British, and Scotland will jostle for its share of jobs - against harsher players than the soft English who have been carrying them since buying them in 1707, after Scotland had demonstrated its total incapacity for running itself.

    Worth noting that one reason the Austro-Hungarian army was so poor in 1914-18 (until stiffened by ill-spared German divisions) was that the component nations (Czechs etc) didn't actually want to go to war for the Hapsburgs or their Empire. Difficult to see anyone except the purely mercenary and those needing to complete for pension wanting to serve in any EU defence force. So Europe will sit there, fat dumb and happy and undefended until raped by some future Russian tyrant or whoever (who will be trying to cover up economic incompetence by starting a war to get back Poland, Ukraine, Baltics etc).

    Enjoy the 21st century.
  4. AN INDEPENDENT Scotland would allow English military forces to be based north of the border after a UK split, says the SNP's defence spokesman.

    Ho Ho Ho Ho, Hah ahahahahahahahahahhahahaahah!

    Sorry, so sorry, I've got a grip now.

    Oh my aching ribs!
  5. What a pity :lol:
  6. Im scottish, But Im also british, it says so on my passport. All this independance talk really does my head in. The british military are one of the strongest in the world. Why would anyone want to throw that away for the sake of being able to say ' We're independant from the rest of britain ' . I get how some of my fellow country men will vote yes for independance, and there will be a fair few of them, but they need to look at the bigger picture instead of living in the past.

    But thats just my opinion, im sure someone will be along to correct me or say i should be ashamed to be scottish etc.

    Oh, and not all of us are like that ;)
  7. Fair one Trigger, perhaps the SNP need to realise that and that an independent Scotland is not really practical.

    Best bet is to give it to them as the SNP will keep having a vote until they get the answer they require. Once Scotland is independent we can invade and take it back as they will not have any armed forces, or certainly not equipment and then we can lock the SNP up in the Tower and put an end to this nonsense.
  8. Salmond is going to ruin this country, he is going to ruin the relationship Scotland and England have together. In all fairness, there will be some english out there who hope that scotland end up going independant. so they can watch us whittle away to nothing, then again the majority will share the same view's as me, well id like to the think they would, but everyone has there own opinions and myself only being 17, i dont think mine will really make a difference.

    But thats the way the world goes.
    Now, enough of this before it gives me a headache. Ive got my RT to study for ;)
  9. Where is the Lady Macdeath, when you need her! ;)

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