Scotsman: "Sea King Helicopter In Glencoe Emergency Landing"

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Oct 21, 2013.

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  1. "AN INVESTIGATION is undeway after a £12 million Sea King rescue helicopter made an emergency landing when crew reported hearing a loud bang.

    The Royal Navy Sea King Mk 5 was in Glencoe, on a training exercise, when the pilot, with a co-pilot and two crew on board, became aware of a gearbox fault."

    Sea King helicopter in Glencoe emergency landing - The Scotsman
  2. I wonder why the Crabs didn't take it all the way back to Prestwick underneath their Chinook? Maybe it's a function of being dressed like the RAC that they'll only recover your vehicle to the nearest facility where it can be repaired which, in this case, was the local car park.

    As for the local dick-head MP; I think I'll keep the rest of my comments to myself :roll:
  3. No knee-jerk "look at me" reaction from the MP there then.
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  4. Ninja_Stoker

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  5. They had to strip it all down, to make it as light as possible. A team of RAF mechanics came up and it took them about a week to do it.”

    Is this bit true, or usual bad reporting?
  6. Just a bit of Joint_Force co-operation I would have thought:wink:
  7. redmonkey

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    A Royal Navy helicopter had to make an emergency landing in Glencoe because of an engine problem, it has emerged.
    It's understood the Sea King's four crew were on a training exercise when the pilots were alerted to a fault with the helicopter's gear box.

    Copied from the BBC report, seems the beeb is up to it usual poor reporting. It is also rare that they have managed to correctly identify the RN as operating aircraft
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  8. I really enjoyed a few years ago when there were loads of floods in the West Country watching matelots from Ocean, I think, sandbagging a power substation. They were in 4s, with Navy blue foulies with Royal Navy flashes and what does the reporter say? "As you can see the army are here working hard blah blah". I had to laugh.

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  9. Local MP said;

    Argyll LibDem MP Alan Reid called for the Royal Navy to order an urgent review of its maintenance procedures.

    Just like the financial training those cheating gits, (MP's), needed when they were fleecing the country purse!!!

    Doesn't the tosser realise with any piece of machinery they are likely to break once in a while.

    He could have praised the aircrew for landing the £12 million piece of military hardware but no - it's easier and will get more press coverage if he stirs up some shite!!!

    Worst combination possible - the media and a politician!!!! FATAL!
  10. I hope a sailor tied the knots.
  11. I'm just amazed how slowly those Chinook rotors rotate. Also, the fact that they rotate backwards is quite interesting.

    Can anyone tell me what the use is of dressing in 'you can't see me' rig and then wearing high-viz jackets? Evidently I'm getting VERY long in the tooth.
  12. The hi-viz jackets are to give snipers/bad guys a fair chance, we wouldn't want to be sued by terrorists for cheating.
  13. Hi Viz is a CAA thing I believe.
    The military is getting more and more governed by them.

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  14. IHS Janes' 360:

    UK to inspect Sea King gearboxes as safety precaution

    The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) is to inspect its entire fleet of Westland Sea King helicopters for gearbox faults, following an emergency landing of a Royal Navy (RN) aircraft earlier in the year, it was disclosed on 28 November.

    Answering questions in the House of Commons, Philip Dunne, Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology said that following the emergency landing of a RN Sea King HU.5 aircraft on 13 October, the MoD has decided to undertake an inspection of all RN and Royal Air Force (RAF) Sea King helicopters."

    UK to inspect Sea King gearboxes as safety precaution - IHS Jane's 360
  15. Must have found something interesting in the autopsy to have the SK fleet checked. Not a grounding type of fault though, so that's a plus!
  16. ....You mean as we already do as a routine maintenance activity? BZ to the MoD.

    (I'm new, is there a sarcastic clapping emoticon?)

    From the dit we were told, it was one of the front gearbox feet shearing in flight, and the gearbox had around 70 hours on it.

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