Scotsman: "Navy Needs Four Nuclear Subs Or Defence Will Be At Risk, Warns Liam Fox"

i note that Angus Robertson MP, who is the SNP Defence spokesman, the SNP leader in Westminster (for all that's worth), and the MP for Moray (which includes RAF Lossiemouth) has declared Trident 'illegal'. I would be interested to know exactly why he thinks this.
I think the SNP guy has bought into the idea that replacing trident contravenes one of the non-proliferation treaties or somesuch. Saw it in an article somewhere about the theory being put forward by some 'academics'
For the Record.

Not many here will be mature enough to recall but the Original SSBN scheme was all set up for five boats - until the then Labour Govt. chopped them down to four.

All delivered on time & within Budget.

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