Scotsman: "Admiral Lord Cochrane: Scotland's Forgotten Hero"

Discussion in 'History' started by soleil, Oct 11, 2011.

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  1. Ageing_Gracefully

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  2. I've read a few books on Lord Cochrane and found him to be one of the most endearing characters the Navy has produced. Google HMS Speedy. for a brief glimpse of this nautical genius. Certainly on par with Mathew Flinders another forgotten Naval hero.
  3. Agreed, but I don't know ehere they've got the forgotten from, given the number of ships in both the UK and Chilean navies that have been named after him, tto say nothing of the statue, and the fact that until the mid 90s there was a naval establishment IN SCOTLAND (sorry, can't italicise today for some reason) called HMS Cochrane...

    That and the fact that a certain CO has been stooging the seven seas flying his personal standard from a variety of frigates and ensuring that everyone he ever comes across knows exactly who his ancestor was.

    Forgotten by the man in the street maybe, but not by the RN - which, given that he was a sailor, is surely all that matters?

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