Scotland to tackle alcohol misuse

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Sep 4, 2009.

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    The Scottish government is to introduce legislation that will establish a minimum price for alcohol, as part of plans to reduce misuse. Skip related content
    First minister Alex Salmond unveiled the plan as part of the legislative programme for the coming session of Parliament.

    In all, 13 bills will be presented.

    "A bill to tackle alcohol misuse will introduce innovative measures to reduce alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harm, with a minimum pricing policy at its cornerstone," Salmond said.

    "Alcohol misuse costs Scotland £2.25bn a year in extra services and lost productivity - nearly one-tenth of Scotland's annual budget. 1 in 20 of all deaths in Scotland were attributable to alcohol."

    Among the proposals are bans on irresponsible promotions, restrictions on marketing activity in off-sales locations such as supermarkets and a new duty on Licensing Boards to consider raising the purchase age of alcohol to 21 in all or part of their area.

    The 13 proposed bills announced today include plans for the construction of a "vital" new Forth Crossing, an end to the right-to-buy for all new social housing and a referendum on Scottish independence.

    "Economic recovery is central to our programme for the year ahead," Salmond said.

    Scouse, Thingy and I will be operating economic Booze trips between Scotland and England so that the Jocks may continue to enjoy job hooch.
    We intend to use a converted fleet of ex pusser 3 tonners which are renowned for the high quality of comfort. On board toilet facilities are available (p1ssing over the tailgate onto following vehicles).
  2. Och Aye Mon! Even the annual Haggis shoot is now threatened.

    Enjoy it while you can! With the fox hunt now banned, can the haggis hunt be far behind? I'm sure that the WWF will soon rise to the defence of the endangered wild haggis (marag fabulosus).
  3. Next they will be banning traditional Scotch delicacies such as deep fried pizzas and Mars bars.

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