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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Shakey, Jun 21, 2006.

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  1. Just heard on the news about two attacks on England fans wearing England football tops in Scotland.

    In one, a disabled man was dragged out of his car and beaten up.

    In another, a man and his seven year old son were attacked. The son was not spared.

    What the f*** is going on up there? Have the jocks lost leave of their senses?
  2. Nope, just another normal day in Jockland. Its the old "We can't be there so why the fcuk should you" mentality
  3. I strongl suspect if the boot had been on the other foot so as to speak, ie Scotland had qualified and England hadn't (a very improbbable occurence I agree) that we would be getting similar reports from some parts of England. Regretably there are people in every country who see differences as something to pick on.

    Personaly I put a lot of the blame for the general aggro on this subject on the tabloids who haveas ever used the whole thing to generate headlines to try ans sell a few more papers, and some polititians like Mr Blair who see telling people which teams they should support as a way of bolstering their fading popularity. Perhaps if his popularity falls even more Mr Blair will invade us to punish us for our insolence, copying Messrs Hussain and Galtieri.


    PS congrats on being top of your group, but the team still does not look like it is a 'world beater'

  4. As Scot, albeit one in exile, this disgusts me. I have never had nothing but good natured banter when I wear my SRU shirt around town or up to the pub during the 6 nations. Im not saying there is a difference between rugby and football fans
  5. It's a real shame that anyone, anywhere should be attacked by anyone else for wearing a football shirt. It always amazes me that people will shell out so much cash to buy the things in the first place, especially when you see a crowd of fans, most of whom have at least 38" waists, kidding themselves that they look like their heroes.
  6. Maxi, I don't think it would have happened down here, there isnt the same level of hatred for Scotland down here as there is vice versa up your way.
    But rest assured that with news stories like that one and the continual hatred that some of your countrymen continualy show to us, well have the same attitude soon.
  7. If you really want to know why the Jockos hate us so much. Just one word really...

  8. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I'm quite prepared to accept grief from a Scotsman who was at Culloden or who lost parents or even grand-parents, however, something that happened 260 years ago is not a valid reason for racism today.

    If they're so concerned about what happened in the past, why don't we remind them of Glencoe, Glen Fruin and other inter-clan atrocities and set them at each other's throats. :)
  10. :roll:

    The cnuts who did this did it preceisly because their victims were defenceless.

    Please don't come away with the old "that's Jocks for you" or "it's like that up there" because it simply isn't. So much so that even the SNP and the Tartan Army has condemned the attacks as racist and totally inexcusable.

    Granted, there are a lot of anti-English tossers, and every one of them a hooligan. It pains me that this minority is giving Scotland a bad name - but they really don't matter.

    A lot of Scotsmen (though they don't deserve to be called that) seriously need to get a grip. Harmless banter is one thing, but obviously violence is quite another. There is a lot of the former and thankfully very little of the latter.
  11. Don't believe all the crap spouted about that Battle - as Bisley pointed out there's far more to it than that you find out of the bottom of a bottle of whisky.

    It wasn't a Scottish vc English Battle - it was effecitvely a civil war between two claimants for the British crown. In fact more scots fought under Cimberland than for the Jacobite Army. As for the slaughter afterwards which we these days regard rightfully with such disgust, this was pretty much par of the course during wartime in those day - that it happened on British soil just remins us of the fact.

    The banning of clans, tartan etc afterwards has to be seen in the context of the time, with continual troubles and uprisings from the Highlands.
  12. To answer a few of the points above.

    Yes it does happen in Egland, but in general the Scots affected get on with their lives as the English media is not going to give then the time of day. I know one person who was forced out of his house by his freindly English neigbhors, and have seen the underlying anti Scots notions in England for most of my adult life, from press comments in England about where the nuclear boats should be based back in the 60s to comments about getting water for the South East just a few weeks ago.

    Yes we remeber the battles of the past, including the one we lost, and when I was a lot younger many in England did to, but they seem to teach even less history down there now than we do.

    Yes there wer many protestant Scots in Cumberlands army, but the event is not remebered so much for the defeat as the treatment of the survivors specifically ordered by the butcher. It is also significant as it marks the end of the old highland way of life, so should be remebered for that as much as anything else.

    Personally I suspect a loft of the aggro at the moment is down to the Labour party losing popularity on both sides of the border at the moment, and a lot of statements coming out from various people in that organisation pandering to the very real sectarian groups within their own organisations.

  13. I can see your point with the post. Personally i must have missed most of this, being a flat top rating, and even on shore everyone got on with each other apart from the usual banter aside. the history side will always be a thorn in every society from the Irish to the english, not helped by awful unfactual films like 'Braveheart' and 'The Patriot' with the 'english' hating Mel Gibson, wich amazingly people believe are true.
    The last point you make is more i believe the cause. Labours heartland of Scotland is demoralised with their attitude (the Whole country is though!!) and certain agendas as you say seem to be creeping out from thta party.
  14. Maybe the answer is to stop beeting each other up and storm Downing Street and kick the fcuk out of Blair and Prescott and all the other cronies he has apponted. (sorry rant over)
  15. I never said I believed all the stories regarding Culloden. All I stated was that was one of the reasons for them not exactly liking us. Flipping heck, dont bite my head off please.

    As for saying you could only accept grief from someone who was there etc. Is that why a lot of English people sitll despise the Germans, Japanese and Argies. :) The majority who hate them have never fought against them. History is just that, history and some people like to lay claim they are still fighting the cause. Dare I mention the Ireland.

    I used to have an great uncle (now deceased) who fought against the Japs and refused to purchase anything made in Japan. He, I feel had a right to feel that way though.

    Me personally, I quite like the old jockos and cannot understand why anyone should be attacked just because he wears a different coloured football shirt to the next man.
  16. You cannot judge the many by reference to the few. You will always get a small propoertion of people who feel inadequate about themselves or their identity that they must attack others in order to divert attention away from themselves.
  17. Indeed, and random football related violence is for some obscure reason a fact of life in every country where football is played.

  18. I hate to say it but i think this has a more to do with hatred, than just football. Personally i have visited Scotland and it is a beautifull place, the scenary is fantastic and most people are very friendly. Something is occuring which according to the media is verging on widespead anti englishness putting people off going to Scotland. It only takes a few occurences to escalate into a major problem god forbid. It is un PC to say but arent we all of one United Kingdom? But before everyone starts shouting I know devolution has taken place, but why are the papers now full of build Hadrians wall bigger (The Sun) before you ask it was the only paper in the pub!!
  19. All it takes is a few badly chosen words from a polititian and a couple of innacurate and biggoted tabloid articles, and we are on the verge of civil war.

    And the Sun wil be able to say they told you so.

    Get a grip, come up here and see what it is really like, and what ever you do don't believe the Sun.


    Afterthought, didn't the Sun have a go at the Germans last time round, must be our turn this time. Probably be the french next time.
  20. Odd isnt it? that there should be more English in Scotland than Scots, I include of course Bannockburn where they are buried.

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