Scotland supporting England in the World Cup

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Chunky_Monkey, May 26, 2006.

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  1. Hopefully some members will not have failed to notice Jack McConnell (Scotlands First Minister) stating his views on which team he would be supporting at the forthcoming World Cup. Needless to say he said he wouldn't be supporting England....(see weblink)

    This has sparked a huge debate here north of the border. Any Rum Ration members got any views? :?:
  2. I always used to support Scotland during events like rugby but since the scum started wearing the other teams kit I'll never shout for the jocks again.

    I'm 1/4 scottish but I'm embarrased about that.

    I now have an intense dislike for FRISPS
  3. Well, I was under the impression that the Scots hated the English and not the other way around, but I stand to be corrected !
  4. Skunkmiester,
    I'm Scottish born and Bred but dont Tar us all with the same brush mate. I'm not a nationalist, and I wish England well in the World cup. I dont have a problem with the English in any way, in fact I get a bit pissed off with attitude up here myself

    Awww Fuggit! I'm going to have a rant....

    We currently have been landed with a Parliment that quite frankly has done Fcuk all for me or any other b'stard in Jockistan. Just what we need, a bunch of Juan-Kerrs Taking 2% of or Hard Earned to support a bunch of political inadiquates debate utterly frivilous crap (Do you know you can be charged for giving your kid a slap round the rump up here? - true) Thats about all I can think of that these Morons have done for me. It's bad enough having a bunch of Back-sliding Fence sitting sleazy Lying b'stards in Westminister making a mess of things but Horaah! we now have more of it in Scotland. The only good thing about the Scottish Parlimaent is that it's Destroyed the SNP's Wesminister prescence - cost over 1/2 BN to do it though!

    ... Thats Better

  5. Im with you Kat, down south they dont have a clue about whats happening up here, bet your boots ALL the nuclear waste will come up here,cant smoke,cant even shout at a child never mind anything else,its got to the stage if a child fell over and hurt itself i would walk away,and dont get me on about the justice system,crime pays up here,and as for racism,dont go there.These pollies up here are worse than those at Westminster.And Chunky the 1/4 scot is what makes you a nice guy,so come on ENGLAND do something positive,WIN THE CUP.
  6. Without getting into a debate on Scottish politics that could go on and on....

    I am glad to hear I am not the only one that gets pis$ed off with the anti-english attitudes up here - and I am 100% Scottish. What really gets me (especially bearing in mind what Jack McConnell said) is that The Scottish Executive and the SFA (Scottish FA) have respectively spent a small fortune on advertising in an attempt to stamp out racism and sectarianism. With his comments Jack McConnell has done absolutely nothing to aid this cause - can someone please explain to me why an anti-english comment is acceptable but a racist/sectarian comment isn't? In my book they are one and the same thing.

    The thing that really makes me laugh though is the fact that the Scots still have this anti-english thing which dates back to being at war with them hundreds of years ago, but then they'll happily go on holiday to Germany and we were at war with them only 60 years ago !!
  7. Ditto to what Chunky_Monkey said!
  8. No need for us to support them, by all accounts what we read and hear they

    have already "Won" the world cup.
  9. Guys, I have met quite a few great scots, especialy when I was based in Arbroath.

    But in the last five years I have read and heard little but anti English crap from north of the border.

    I don't belive we will win and I know that England isnt that much of a country but the level of hate that has been sent our way is beyond belief.

    I for one will not lay down and take hatred with out sending some back.

    Nice to see that some of you are level headed can make your own mind up. I'd buy you a pint any time.

    I'd like to meet Jack McConnell though and tell this to his face.

    As a side note I was drinking with a scots guy during our drubbing by the scottish in the 6 nations. I was first to congratulate him because he had been good natured and commended our meagre attempts to score when we managed to get the ball.

    I like good natured banter, bit like Marines vs Para's (there is still a bit of respect there) but what Ive seen recently is very disapointing.
  10. Been in Jockland most of my life -married into it and my kids are Scots.

    The jocks -the majority of them will cheer on the England team--

    the loudest mouths up here are the newspapers -------its all good headline stuff .

    Fully agree with the chunky monkey-----------the Scottish Parliament is a load of balls .

    In the dark distant past --the Scots sold there rights to a parliament to the English --------I think the sum was £400 !!
    Also at the moment the Uk supports Scotland equivalent to £1k per head of population .

    Bring back the Scottish Office
  11. can't believe what I'm reading on here: 100% scots falling over themselves to be nice to their English oppo. 40 years ago I was sat in the mess deck of a Leander frigate in Singapore Naval Base when England won the World Cup and all, I repeat all the English were bloody insufferable. The English footie team have been the biggest bunch of under achievers over the last four decades that you're likely to find.
  12. I'll wish England well, but won't support them in the World Cup. Why? 2 weeks still to go and already I've had enough of Rooney's foot on every newscast, the selection of a 17 year old who has hardly played for his own club, the England team (full of pretty good players) under the direction of a manager whose tactical skills rival the generals at the Charge of the Light Brigade and last but not least, the meeja - sycophantic, xenophobic, arrogant, a bunch of tossers. England - OK. Engerlaand - no thanks.
  13. English. Married to a Jock-born and love Scotland as a place and enjoyed my Service time there. But footie? Who gives a flying ****? It's not even a real game and the wendies who play it manage to break their metatarsals with monotonous regularity, simply because they wear nancy slippers instead of decent boots. And they've made the balls so light so that they don't hurt their little headses, that they have no idea where they're going to go if there's any wind.

    Look at David Beckham's penalty last time around. If it had been a real ball it might have gone somewhere near the goal!
  14. Did you read about the child that went missing from the nursery?? Poor soul was found by the mother when she came to pick her up when she discovered it was her child that had gone missing. Spotted the shoes in the pond in a garden nearby when she pulled the shoe her child was on the other end.

    This motorist[man]spotted the child walking along the lane from the nursery and thought should I stop see if she is ok. Then thought best not somebody may think I am trying to pick the child up. So he drove past and the child wondered in to the garden with the pond.

    That about sums it up the way this pathetic society has gone!!!

    As for all the silly flags flying from the cars all they are doing is keeping a load of Chinese in work try picking your empties and takeaway wrappers out of the environment and really help your country.

    All England winning the cup will do is make Beckhams ego even larger if that is possible which I very much doubt it!!!
  15. Ohhhh I think we have a long way to go before we achieve less than the pathetic excuse for a team you jocks have.

    I agree by the way that the media ruin the whole thing, well make it into the quarters and get knocked out. But atleast thats 4 good drink sessions down the pub for us English and like minded Brits and 4 sessions of bitterness for the narrow minded among the scots.
  16. Who cares!!!!

    It's a game of football! A bunch of guys representing England in a football tournament. I will wish them well because they are from a home nation but I could not care less about the game itself.

    The fact that we are still hearing about "1966" 40 years later - when England won a major football match - is quite sad to be honest.

    Why oh why do some people get so worked up about football. I will happily admit that football talent in Scotland does not exist and I'm saying that as a Scot. What does it matter really? Nothing. If England are half decent at the game and are going to play other countries at it then best of luck to them, but that's where my cheering on stops!
  17. At long last someone's alive. Couldn't be nearer the truth old son when you say Scotland's a basket case but I have it reasonable authority that we're trying to do something about it. if the Premiership carries on like it is at the mo, I reckon it won't take too many years for England to find itself in the same parlous state we are. Far too many top teams without an English player of any note and you haven't got many to start with and every bit 'drama queens' like the foreigners. Won't be long.
  18. That's a good point mate, it's hardly the "England" football team is it, when many who play in it (or could play in it) are foriegn.
  19. To be fair the crap flows both ways most of the time, and I think in reality many Scots are just pissed of that some in England are trying to blackmail us into supporting their team.

    Personally I wouldn't pay that much attention to our Jack, his comments were just typical politition banter, he has an election to fight next year and will probably lose so can't afford to upset his constituents. Just as your freind and mine Gordon is wrapping himself in the Union flag so that he can hopefully get into No 10.

    As has been said elsewhere I suspect most Scots wish the England team well, but at the same time won't be rushing out to buy the supporter tat that many chains stores are trying to foist on us. I was delighted when England won the RWC, it was a good result and a good result for the game too.

    My biggest worry is the we will yet again see nightly news film of England supporter violence, yes I know it is not always their fault, but they do manage to attract trouble almost any where they go. That sort of stuff does not help in winning support.

  20. Your spot on Maxi, can't post much due to time but the hoolians and footba+ll tat do bring the experience do make amuckery of it.

    I dislike football, but do support England. It is a shame that Scotland are not there to fly your flag. It's the hate that I don't understand.

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