Scotland PRNC 30th October

I completed mines at the end of august. Its really good! I was nervous as hell and after the 1st night all those nerves were gone. The group of people you will meet are a good bunch of people and after the 1st night you will have all settled in and be able to have a bit more of a laugh with each other.

The fitness tests are not hard if you have trained. Not a single person failed the 1.5 mile run. The swimming tests were fun aswell and no one failed. The hardest part was the circuits at faslane. They push you to your absolute limit but you feel great afterwards. Circuits was not a pass/fail but they do want to see effort. On the last day you do a squad run which was pretty hard because you need to stay in a line so you are constantly going at a fast pace to keep up. A few people had to drop out because they could not keep up. Everyone still passed the full course though.

There was no push up and sit up test. Not sure why. Its fun so enjoy it!!
Haha one of my favourites of his!! Youll love it. Once the nerves go away everyone just enjoys it. Before i felt like i just wanted to get down to raleigh and be thrown into the deep end and get it done without having to do the prnc but after it i was so glad the prnc is part of the process. Its made me more relaxed and looking forward to raleigh!!


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