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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Nov 30, 2010.

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  1. The Telegraph:
    The Scottish Government, which was yesterday given powers to control road safety, is expected to introduce legislation next year.

    It will mean that the drink drive limit in Scotland will be reduced from 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood to 50 – in line with much of Europe.

    Northern Ireland is also expected to adopt the lower limit which, for somebody of average build, would equate to roughly a pint of ordinary bitter.

    A very sensible piece of legislation and for those found guilty the punishment needs toughening up as well, for starters the buggers should be banned for life.
  2. :sign3:
  3. Whilst keeping the mandatory 12-month ban from driving as a penalty, I assume, which is a harsher punishment than in most of the countries in Europe with a lower drink-drive limit.
  4. Is there a list of what they can and what they can't
    vote on and Westminster keeps control .

    Knowing the jocks it'll be MOTs every three months ,two year ban for
    parking offences and "safety cameras " everywhere .

  5. Why not a Zero limit?.....Drink, No Drive.....end of
  6. I seem to remember reading somewhere that it's virtually impossible to register zero alcohol in the blood due to the natural fermentation that takes place during the digestive process from fruit, veg. etc.

    I may have misremembered this of course.
  7. No offence but f..k Europe once anyone has broken the trust and drives under the influence the penalties should be draconian, it's my opinion that drunk drivers are gutter scum and should be treated as such. :evil:
  8. I wish i could misremember!....
  9. It would appear from the above that you don't know them. :roll:
  10. Zero tolerence ? Better keep off the sherry trifle this Xmas. :drunken:
  11. Aye that Lanliq's powerful stuff.
  12. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

  13. Having drunk and drove one time years ago pro breathalyzer, I am a big supporter of a complete drink drive ban.
    I have a relative who killed a lad whilst driving over the limit, and when I hear him trying to justify it, it grips my sh1t. Hypocrisy is not one of my vices.
  14. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    We have been going through a process in this country over the last 30 (?) years to educate the population that having a few drinks and driving is not on. There was a thread a while back about a senior officer who got busted which became quite heated. I think this message is getting through, but unfortunately there is always someone who will break the law.

    If I was going to be caught DD it would be the next morning. If I had a couple of pints at the pub the night before, not canning it, what should the limit be after 8 hours sleep? It depends on a lot of factors.
  15. Agree completely, I once took my kids to a country park the day after a session and dont remember a thing about it.
    Felt completely compis mentus and even the missus did not realise I still had half the pub in me.
    It can be hard to judge the day after, its only afterwards that you think "prob" shouldn't have driven then.
    Even with 4 bacon and egg rolls for breakfast. Its just not worth jumping in the driving seat until after 12:00 if you were scooping past 00:00
  16. The morning after the night before. So many drivers get nicked that way. Remember an oppo whilst I was at Ganges (instructor) driving to Shotley from Ipswitch where he had digs, feeling sick and pulling over after a good session the night before. Honked up at the side of the road just in time for the Old Bill to roll up. Breath tested, positive...go to jail etc.

    Nicked a few myself in later life in the Aged William, and the rule of thumb I would suggest for all is that after a really good session, don't get behind the wheel for 24 hrs!

    Your choice....
  17. Consequentials.....Defaulters Ark Royal. (Old one)

    Well I had only had about 8pints and was driving home, when I saw flashing blues in the rear view mirror.
    The officer said I have reason to believe you've been drinking and driving, Thank God for that replied the A/B I thought the steering had gone!
  18. The Norwegian traffic police have zero tolerance with alcohol. They can a do stop drivers(with out any required reasion) in the morning rush hour for breath tests.If you have any alcohol still in your system you will spend time in a weekend lockup listening to AA lectures ect.If your job requires you to have a drivers licence they will be sympathetic provided you turn up for your weekend stint in nick, harsh but fair.
  19. I cant see that happening in the UK, ffs we don't even sent burglars to nick
  20. True they have loads of money to spend on civil projects unlike us. Each small town has it's lockup usually in the town centre for minor offenders.

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