scotland independence

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by fleetchief, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. if scots nats win at next election they are pushing for independence.
    will jocks still be able to serve in HM forces? :?
  2. Well they certainly used to allow those from The Republic of Ireland to do so. I suspect all will depend upon the deal stuck when it happens. Is your question motivated by the hope of getting rid of us haggis eaters or the realisation that you may lose some of the best in this way.

  3. selfish interest, am haggis eater too !
  4. I suspect those already in will have the choice of staying with the RN or transfering to the PJ Navy.

  5. If you get it are you all gonna dress in skirts, paint your faces blue and shout "FREEDOM" at any sassanach that dares to peak over Hadrians wall??
  6. Please remember that a sassanach is not a derogatory term for an Englishman. It is however a term used by Highlanders to describe a lowlander.
  7. Certainly not, we will be doing all we can to encourage you to visit us so we can relive you of as much of your hard earned cash as possible, business as usual.

  8. Hope that the Scots & the welsh get full independance.
    Will we will see the difference in lower taxes when these countries are not receiving more than they pay in.
  9. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    It won't be full independance, they'll opt out of anything that is going to cost them the true cost of running things, and the English will still be picking up the tab.
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  10. I wish you the very best of luck in that, especially as recent reports from the treasury show that Scotland raises the cash it gets itself and is about to become a net contributor, something which is once again according to treasury figures not uncommon.

    I have always suspected the only reason Maggie did not sell us off like the rest of the government assets was that we actually made more than we cost.

  11. scots served proudly in the RN long before the 1707 act of union, can't see why things should be any different.
  12. Does this independance mean you will be taking that lumox Gordon Brown back across the border along with the other Scottish MPs who are determined to ruin England with more success than William Wallace?? :)
  13. You are joking of course!

  14. afraid they could not take him back, they have our own political lumox AKA JACK McCONNEL.
  15. Only till the next election I suspect.
  16. No Peter I am not joking. I have nothing personal against the Scots, but why is it they want Independance or Devolution but the majority live in England and the south in particular.

    To quote a friend of mine who is Scottish...

    "I hate you English bastards and love it when you lose at anything. I also hate your poxy pubs and shite food" Or words to that effect. Where does he live? London. Why not bugger off back to Moffat in Dumfries then?

    Reason? He cannot get any work up there and says it is too quiet. Best bit though, he is married to an English girl, so I suppose he is quite literally fcuking the English eh?
  17. That Scots identity pic seems to fit a couple of my mates who are Sweaties living in England.
    Totally balanced personalities - a chip on both shoulders.
  18. Re last post by me,
    I think it would read better if I had said " A battered Mars Bar on each shoulder"

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