Scotland and the Demon Drink

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Passed-over_Loggie, Mar 2, 2009.

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    Personally, I don't really mind what you chaps North of Lat 55'00" do but it does have a habit of drifting South.

    This seems a classic case of a whole body radiation dose to a particular and well defined cancer.

    So in order to hit the 10 year olds who clearly have too much pocket money, there's a need to hit the Pensioner who enjoys a quiet wee dram at home.

    Why not let's be really radical and hit peple harder for criminal behaviour when intoxicated than they would be sober. Perhaps it's bad form to pick on minorities.
  2. This looks like a very valuable public service and it is such a relief that they have not just slapped a heinous tax on it.....................

    And don't mention 'kin speed, sorry, safety cameras. :evil:
  3. To be honest PoL, it's only recently that such commonplace excess up this end of the country has become heard of. The English idea of a "village local", as a community gathering point, doesn't really exist in Scotland. Perhaps this is why there is so much alcohol abuse: the lack of a safe and respectable place where all members of the community might enjoy a drink.

    I worked in Bath last summer and from time to time would go for a bar lunch; I must say seeing children in pubs was something new to me (there is a cultural opposition to this in Scotland). Perhaps that's another aspect to it too - children not having a slow introduction to alcohol.
  4. I have book my flight into Newcastle to set my new company.

    "Smugglers to Jocks R Us" . I see a vast market to purchase special offers in Tesco's etc drinks Department. in Newcastle and Carlisle and transport the same to all parts of Central Scotland.

    Anyone wish to join me in setting up a new company to generate much need employment and cash flow for the Noth East and North West.

  5. I would indeed like to partake in this little venture. :lol:
  6. Nutty
    There's a sub or two available down here that may help in your venture

    You could rename the sub His Mates Ship Rum Runner
  7. And I have a relative by marriage who could provide an outlet for the goods :wink:
  8. The "report" that this shit was based on mentions that the chaps in Scotland are drinking 125 bottles of wine each per year.Fcuk me 1 a day equates to 365 [most years ] so what s wrong with them? Are jocks going sissy?
  9. More regulation, just the thing for one of the most regulated countries in the world. The UK as a whole that is not just the frock wearing ones up north.
  10. The ASDA in Carlisle will be stowed out with booze cruise's from deepest darkest Glasgow when the SNP get this thru - problems is it will come at a cost to them. They only got the budget thru because they gave so much away.
  11. Does this mean that the winos tipple of choice "Buckfast" will become too expensive?
    Rab.C. Nesbitt will not be amused!!
  12. Could be a fabulous time for urban regeneration in the north Vinglun! All that Jock cash being invested over the border (but none of those silly banknotes mind - "proper" money is what is called for that can be honoured by banks that are still solvent (unlike RBS!) - ooh, have I gone a bit far with this?

  13. Can I offer my services in the quality control dept as a taster
  14. Berwick and a nice big supermarket just over the border is much closer Nutty so there wont be that much trade in Newcastle.

    You may want to thinkl of a booze shop on the English side of Carter Bar though. There may of course be a slight problem with Rievers who fail to pay.
  15. According to the telly news last night Bucky was pricey enough to escape the minimum price treatment. The key targets are the likes of White Lightening and supermarket own brand stuff

    In reality it will do very little. Until being caught pissed in public has some penalty attached people will keep on getting pissed. When I was young being caught pissed meant a night or two in the cells and court in the morning, fine and details in the local rag on Thursday. Today Mr Plod is more likely to give you a lift home than bang you up.
  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Nothing wrong with taking them home Maxi, used to be one of the great pleasures in life, prop some well 'ard gobby teenager against Mothers door, ring the bell until the lights come on, Mother opens the door, son falls in then the fun really starts. :lol:
  17. The problem is these days the mother is likely to have a go at the plod for interupting their darling offspring's night out.

    The only answer is to actually hurt the offenders in the pocket. If one starts with £60 fixed penalty each time they are lifted with 3 strikes and you are out then we may see a real change in attitude. We have some of the most expensive booze in Europe and we have a drink problem, it's not price then so perhaps we need to find another route.Being nice to drunks just makes being drunk acceptable.
  18. Yeah your right there I know that janner when I was a young lad that knew it all before I joined up. I was brought home drunk by the local polis and whack woke up the next day and was hounded all week and given double chores and grounded for a week.

    Ah the old days
  19. I have been doing this from NI to the Republic for the last eighteen months Nutty. Just bought my second house on the Ring of Kerry with the proceeds :D

    Regarding ASDA when I was back home I spotted a school kid purchasing white lightning from that self serve thing they have these days not sure if he got it through but he was in the line up!
  20. It's all lies.

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