Scorpion Down

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by spearfish, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. I have just finished reading this book.The author suggests that the USS Scorpion was a victim of a USSR torpedo,and her loss was a massive cover up.He has some interesting points to base his book on including the Walker family giving away all the USN's communications ecrets and thus the soviets could set up an ambush for Scorpion southwest of the Azores.I was just wondering if there were any rumours about the Scorpion round the RN when this happened in 1968.
  2. Not in Blockhouse

  3. Scorpion was sunk by an RN submarine for not relieving one of Her Majesty's finest ON TIME (as usual). They needed a lesson taught and got one. 'When one of HM boats is out on patrol and has been for three months then whoever is the relief boat (usually the Yanks) had better be on time and not 'trailing something into the area' and going to be a little bit late.............................
    Scorpion was sunk by a UFO for not relieving.....blah blah blah blah blah.
    I do know Jack the Ripper was involved somewhere or somebody carrying a large bag was detected in the area and !!!!!!!!!! :ufo:
  4. He does offer more evidence- but you can read that in the book!His conclusion is a bit far fetched but the official report blamed a torpedo malfunction on the boat.
  5. How would the know - really!! Were there survivors?

  6. The "truth" will never be known (well in our lifetimes anyways).

    Eternal Patrol [​IMG]
  7. Are you on commission for this book??
  8. I heard that Elvis was a fore endy on the Scorpion

  9. Nah, with all of the Bananas and toast and peanut butter he would have to be a chef....(midships or near the ejector)[​IMG]
  10. No I am not on commission but why should I want to spoil a dit you may not have heard.The authors website will give you more including pieces from some of his sources who were sosus operators and heard the whole exchange.
    The sinking was apparently in retaliation for the US allegedly sinking a russian boat in the pacific.
  11. It was aliens I tells ya....they came all the way across the galaxy (billions of light years) to find and sink Scorpion. :ufo:

    I think that at times some authors should let the lads rest in won't do any good for their families' state of mind! Even now.

    How soon before The Princess of Wales' death gets dragged into the equasion. Anything to keep the pot boiling and the money rolling in!

    The USS Scorpion crew were one hell of a good bunch of guys and a very effective unit, as said by the ex crew members who'd just left the boat..... so let's celebrate their memory and congratulate them on the job done. The majority on this board have conducted these operations plenty of times and know only too well the risks and sheer bloody hard work involved.
    RIP was your turn.....mine tomorrow!?
  12. Try this one - talking to a Yank submariner today who has read this book. Very good analysis of probable causes, as well as the ususak conspiracy theories (apparently...)
  13. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    An alternative hypothesis is oput forward in Blind Man's Bluff - in this version of events, the Scorpion suffers a torpedo failure at depth caused by a faulty battery.

    The book presents circumstantial evidence to support this vew presented, including known defects which could result in a fire in specific batches of torpedo batteries carried by Scorpion, use of SOSUS tapes to pinpoint location of recorded events, walking through likely crew actions to number of possible events (including Russian sub and torpedo fire) based on detailed knowledge of USN tactics and Scorpion own tactics (her XO came off very shortly before her loss). The "walk-throughs" were used to identify probable locations of the wreck - the hot-run torpedo actions were those that resulted in the wreckage being found.
  14. 2230 Friday August 11th - half hour documantary on the diappearance of SCORPION, History Channel (SKY 529)

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