Scilly Today: "New Baby Born On Navy Helicopter From Scilly"

I've recommended the Isles of Scilly as a great place to go on a few occasions.

I've heard from one of my contacts there that Ella McLachlan, the flying tot's Mum, only went on maternity leave on Friday and was hoping to have a bit of a rest but young Sir clearly had other ideas and made an early appearance!

Ella and Barney run the Bakery on St Martin's:

The Island Bakery, St. Martins - The Island Bakery
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The baby boy is called Marcus Daniel. I am his Grandad. I would like to thank the Navy on behalf of Ella my daughter and both the Mclachlan & Scott families.

Pete Scott - Ex HMS Arethusa Ships Flight (1979)
The Herald (Sco) has corrected itself! The link still says 'RAF' but the headline has been changed to 'Navy'. BZ The Herald.

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