Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by djcopio, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. Pass the kleenex, I'm racking out...

  2. Pass the bin, I'm going to chuck...

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  1. So I was wondering in the name of science - given the legendary matelot rule that there's no bird too ugly to shag, does this rule apply to knocking one out?

    SCIENCE EXAMPLE: Were you to be presented with a picture of noted crack-hound and part time singer Amy Winehouse with her funbags ready for inspection, would it be possible to complete the act?

    Answers on a soggy postcard please.

    I raise this question, as I've seen the picture, and she's far too rats for me.
  2. I think it's only fair you show us the picture, it surely wouldn't be scientific otherwise!
  3. Amy Winehouse: Couldn't shag that bag for for fcks sake what a thought......aaaaaaarrrrggggggggg gargle Gods.....

    Rather shag a bootneck with steaming bats on....
  4. Nothing a paper bag with a hole wouldn't sort out. ;) I'll be the trooper for RR I guess.....
  5. Right, i've had a think...

    I'm generally not that picky, but there are some limits, I don't want more crabs than absolutely necessarry and I don't like AIDs except on Tuesdays!

    This being said, if it was Amy Winehouse looking like this then i'd jump in elbow deep:

    But if it she was looking like this, i'd need 2 bin liners, a bottle of jack daniels and an antiseptic bath...
  6. I hate the drug addled, aids infested waste of life. No chance of me knocking one out over her.
  7. You'd stand more of a chance with if Royal would wear Bats!!
    Its got tits and holes in the right places, FFS you call yourself Matelots! Get a grip of yourselves!
    I voted YES, BTW! Old Skool innit!
  8. I would if I could wear the paper bag (no good spaffing over her ugly mug if she's wearing it)
  9. any port in storm I would shag it but she have have the paper bag treatment
    going of the thread would you win pull the pig if you trapped
    amy winehouse
  10. I would bang it just for dit factor.
  11. well as the saying goes every hole is a goal (except a mans hole.)

    so in that case throw one up her.
  12. Every time I see Amy Winehouse, she reminds me of Cruella DeVille. Not the one with the dalmations, but the Gosport crack whore from the early/mid 1990s.

    She used to be seen staggering round Gosport on a Friday or Saturday night (usually near the George & Dragon), in a short skirt and fishnet/lace tights, face caked in make up and hair like the bride of Frankenstein.

    Anyone remember her? Did anyone actually shag her? 8O

    Edited for mong spelling.
  13. Yup!!!, no feckin' problem. Done worse too.

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