Schwarzenegger praises action hero soldiers

Aye, however I cant see him being one to pussy foot around and be a typical UK govt sycophant. Perhaps more likely to throw a few front benchers through the windows
Aye, almost on the level of hero worship at times, though they do have some elements of society that are abusive towards their Forces even beyond the Muslim ones here
When I was still in the TA several of the local businesses were delighted to help ya out if you showed em your MoD90 but few and far between. Mostly discounts are for students etc, so Id get my mate who worked at the college to sort me an NUS card :p

My experience of ther Forces thus far is only 5 years as a TA Sapper but I'm immensely proud of it and I'm desperately looking forward to joining the Navy. Not even doing it for the paycheck either.

Equally proud and in awe of anyone brave enough to enlist and serve their country.......although the REME might be pushing it a bit :p
finknottle said:
Are you telling me that Johhny Rambo's not real!!! 8O
Of course John Rambo is real, I've seen him on TV ... looks an awful lot like that Sly Stallion bloke who played Rocky in the boxing films - d'you think they could be related?
EasilyDistracted said:
Say what you like about the US, at least they respect their armed forces. I'm yet to see that here.
Am currently based in the USA and they do indeed look after their military, big time. Have been issued with a US ID card and it comes with stacks of perks, almost every shop/franchise comes with a discount if you ask them and show your card. Fair play to them.
Unfortunately the Vietnam War has the same stigma for the USA that maybe Iraq seems to have here. Society in the US was caught up in patriotic fever vs anti war protest. The soldiers came home to a country that didnt want to know or remember.

I worry that maybe its the same disillusioment that their vets suffered will plague many of our wounded for a long time to come.

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