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Schumacher in the frame as possible replacement for Massa

Re: Schumacher in the frame as possible replacement for Mass

No rush 4 weeks to find a new driver. They have 2 test drivers already on the books, the Spaniard Marc Gene and the Italian Luca Badoer.

There are also plenty of driver looking for seats.

If Schumi comes back then it could be interesting, but does he need it??




War Hero
I'd think he'd do it more as a favour than doing it for himself.

I read this earlier. I doubt it will be him, it would be interesting.


Lantern Swinger
Re: Schumacher in the frame as possible replacement for Mass

i hope he dosn't make a come back. As much of a great driver he was/is i found that watchin the F1 became more of chore than enjoyment watching him win every single race by about 2 laps!!


War Hero
NotmeChief said:
It might show if Ferrari have a bad car or if it's the driver that is losing them races.

Ain't that the truth.

Hope he doesn't return. He's too bloody good and it will return to the days of a procession rather than a motor race.


He is a legend, he has nothing to gain from coming back. I've heard rumours of Alonso making the switch to Ferarri early, as renault are banned from Valencia. That would be better all round, apart from renault who would be left driverless when they ditch Piquet


War Hero
Re: Schumacher in the frame as possible replacement for Mass

soleil said:

Wife is over the moon with that. It will be interesting to see how he fairs against drivers such as Hamilton who have come into the sport since he left..
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