Schoolgirls in your day

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Nutty, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. They never made them like this when I was at school. What images do you have of your nubile class mates


    My vote is for her on the left

  2. Don't know when you went to school Nutty, but mine was full of Chavs and Skanks like these.
  3. In my day they were flat chested and wore navy blue knickers. Please can I have all three as I am finding it difficult to choose.
  4. In the Girls Grammar School of the mixed Sixth Form I went the lower years had a horrible Brown uniform!
  5. any but the 1 on the left don't like the ginger 1

  6. Teachers weren't bad back in the day.......
    I always had a "thing" for my woodwork teacher, Miss Whippington.
    She used to say, "Right - has everybody got wood?" ....."Yes miss..." :biggrin:


    (Mind you - she'll be a hundred and three by now....)
  7. definitely didn't look like that at my school
  8. That was you at GANGES :bball:

    Are you a Spice BOY :rambo:
  9. Dear God Im in love !!!!!!
  10. Not with you .

  11. if they did look like that at my school id ave stayed on till i was 100
  12. I Thought you were!!
  13. Jesus blood pressure's just gone throught the roof again!!!!
    Please don't do this to me!!!!!!!!! I'm old, I faint easy, I can't get a hard on!!!
  14. ha ha ha cheeky fucka i just look it :)
  15. This was my old school friend whom I used to sit next to. I failed all my exams and have no idea why?? :) :w00t:

  16. That Tramp was in my Class!!!
  17. I'll take the ginger one on the left - Nicola Roberts :love7:
  18. Skinny, wired buck teeth, Pink national health glasses, pink gingham below knee dresses, and large blue flannel pants that had said dress tucked into them to do hand stands, and keep the snot wrag in, Hair with nits, Lyle stockings up to knee, Bucta black plastic shoes and a duffle bag :-(

    However I think I may like school now :) only what used to stand and watch me shave now watches me polish me shoes :-(
  19. and the girls were even worse
  20. Hubba hubba


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