School bans short Skirts

thank fuck for that.

Maybe they should make burkas (or however it's spelt) compulsory too.

They could havepicked some of the hot 6th formers but no, let's use the cave people
Joint_Force_Harrier said:

GOOD!!!! Will stop these mingers wearing them!!
Ugh, that's their mother? I thought that was the father - assuming that he is still around.

Never mind, at least RJ would still poke them so there is hope for them there.
Jeez!! That's so scary I'm having a make n mend 'cos I can't cope any more....


*sound of door slamming*

*sound of footsteps disappearing into distance*
I bet they've all got the numbers of the benefits and housing office on speed dial along with pre-booked places in the local maternity unit
St Trinians :wink: :wink: Spot any of the RR bird lookalikes???
Teachers have warned pupils at Upton-by-Chester High School in Cheshire that unless hem-lines became more modest, they would be forced to wear trousers instead. But scores of girls - and a few boys - refused
Last time I was in Upton was about 40 years ago and the lads seemed to dress normally then.

Defiant: Chloe and Stacey Tate say they would feel like 'men' in trousers

Trousers might make them feel like a man but even a really a p**sed up Jack isn’t likely to feel like either of them!
Mind you it is short skirts at the local school that keeps me awake in the traffic jam on the way home, perhaps the ban on wearing them should be selective, a bit like only certain women should be allowed to go topless at the beach.
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