SCC Training Schools

Wondered what training scolls the SCC still have open, there used to be:-

Whales Island
RNAS Culdrose
HMS Raleigh
RNAY Wroughton
HMS Rame Head/Ulster/Kent/Bristol

Are theses places still going if not what as replaced them.
I'm pretty sure the SCC still do some training at Raleigh (drill seamanship etc) and Whale Island (sailing and boatwork??), but I'm not sure about Culdrose any more. When I was a cadet I did training at these two, Caldonia in Scotland and the Sea Cadet Training Centre at Weymouth (used to be a TA centre). By the way excuse my ignorance but what is RNAY Wroughton, I've heard about it but not sure what it is?
Usaed to be a helicopter repair yard and RAF Hospial located just outside Swindon.

SCTS was located in a hanger just behind the control tower and near teh fire station.

The place ws origionally set up by an ex CO of Swindon unit Cyril Bartlett then taken over by Jim Gibson an ex ACPO from teh SW Area

Are these the only places open to the SCC these days ?


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SCTC Raleigh (Vigilant Sqn)

SCTC Excellent (Portsmouth)

SCTC Inskip (Near Blackpool)

SCTC Calledonia (somewhere in porridgewog land)

SCTC Weymouth

SCTC Palletine (lancs)

i think thats all thats left.



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Buccaneer said:
Also what happen to HMS Kent - why did she have to go to be replaced by Bristol - must have cost the tax payer a fortune
got rusty holes in it, and kept burtsing into flames...

Was time up for the old girl, Bristol was available and its used by the RN and loaned to the SCC, its also mostly self funding as its used for corporate events such as team building and adventure training base of operations.
S.C.T.S. (Sea Cadet Training School) Wroughton was a national training school.

The local Sea Cadets used a hanger on 5 site when the Navy took over from the RAF in 1972.

As it become more popular, district, and if I recall area advents were held there.

A few years on, they were given access to one side of the hangar (C2) which held a canteen. Things progressed and in the end, they had all but one half of the hangar.

Lt/Cdr Dennis (Spud) Murphy R.N. fitted out an accommodation block using the pull down bunks from various decommissioned ships, and build two 5 a side football pitches using old packing creates and iron bedsteads.

The site was perfect for training Sea Cadets. A hanger that was used for football, parade training, indoor rifle range, a nearby sailing lake and it was in the country, idea for adventure training.

The school was the venue for a lot of the district, area and national events. Units would either “block book†and use the school for what they wanted, or cadets could attend courses, like cooking, adventure training and metrology.

Sadly the school went when the Navy left, and is now used for go carting.

The idea was also used at Royal Arthur (now gone) and at the T.A. Centre at Weymouth.
[Lt/Cdr Dennis (Spud) Murphy R.N. fitted out an accommodation block using the pull down bunks from various decommissioned ships, and build two 5 a side football pitches using old packing creates and iron bedsteads.[/quote]

Actually from what I can remeber that may be true of Weymouth SCTS then called SWABS was put together by Spud Murphy when he was AAO to the late and famous Frank Trickey - took over by some gut called Bob cant rember his surname but then by Alan Rowbotham assisted by Joe Issacs and George Masters and later Andy ?????.

I think you will find Wroughton was put together by a guy called Cyril Bartlett who used to be the CO of Swindon unit - it was then taken over by Jim Gibson the ex aCPO SW area and an ex PTI,

The SCTS at Royal Arthur was run by a guy called Ian Dyster - he went to Whale Island when RA shut down.

Wonder what some of these guys are doing now.
Apparently SCTC Excellent is to be closed, its training is to be moved to SCTC Inskip, on the basis that travelling costs will be reduced.

Despite the fact I think its too bloody small and in the arse end of nowhere!


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SCTC INSKIP seems to be going from strength to strength.

The boss is Barry Glanville , ex Excellent and John Jerwood, who took over when the Fat Controller left.

They do the OSBs and WOs boards now.
So where do our youngster go that are thinking about a career in the Senior Service to mix with sailors of today and talk to the many countless young people who have had to make the same choice.

Strikes me as the SCC is becoming little more than a boy scouts movement, anyone agree or disagree with me.

Strange though as he MOD have just appointed a serving substantive Captain to head the organization.
As a former Officer with the SCC I take it the way things are more like scout than what it was, now more PC can't do this can't do that attitude. I think there was a boating station in the Cambs/ Northampton area but whether it is still open I don't know.

The SCC has never been a recruitment gateway to the Navy. This is not what it was formed for. Its training was related to the Navy, and many of the courses were obviously taken at Naval Establishments.

Recently the SCC Association has formed with the Maritime Sea Training Service, which has for one thing reduced the committment by the Navy to training only in the form of materials. The MoD does not supply or repair/maintain boats as such, this is all done at unit level and at own costs. Funding is harder, as it is all on a charity basis, usually through Flag Weeks and Collections.

It is fair to say that some do go on to the Navy and the Royal Marines, but in actual figures, probably no more than 2%.

However, I do not think it is coming anywhere near the Scout movements or such like. Like the Army Cadets, and Air Cadets the Sea Cadets delve more deeper into its tasks and training.

Regards, Chris

Lt /Cdr Cyril Bartlett is alive and kicking.

I have been trying to find out about Lt/Cdr (Spud) Murphy, Ben Ashton and Jim Gibson,to see how they are getting on but with no joy.

Likewise Cyril wondered how Betty Brewer, Dan Hillman and the rest of the SW area crew were getting on.

He lost touch when he retired from Wroughton
Re: SCC Wroughton

You have bought back happy memories Buccaneer

As you say Spud (in his rumper suit) built the football pitches from old purser beds. The yards plumber did the welding and if memory serves, the Sea Cadets from Barwick House (private school) helped.

The beds in the mess desks came from several decommissioned RN ships (Agincourt being one) that Swindon Sea Cadets included myself took off the bulkheads. We also took the sound powered telephones, lockers, sinks, mirrors and a lot of other things that were used up at Wroughton

If you have any more memories, to save boring people who were not there, parhaps you could pm me.

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