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SCC Rating and Officer?

Hi All,

attened my first local SCC meeting last night and thinking of becoming an instructor,

one thing i couldnt figure out is whats the difference between officers and NCO's in the SCC? as in how are the duties different?
If you want to instruct, be an NCO, if you want to do administration, go officer, the higher up the ranks you go the less time you seem to spend teaching the sprogs.


Lantern Swinger
Depends on how big your instructional staff is at the unit. The wife and I both got lampooned into an ailing unit a good few years ago and there were only 4 staff, The Co who was a Lieutenant SCC, my other half who was a subby and two POs me being one of them.

The wife was the Jimmy as well as carrying a full instructional load, teaching New entries, First Aid and met. I was the Training Officer and taught Seamanship, First Aid, Comms and was also the odd job man around the unit too

Units with bigger staffs tend to be run on the lines of ships so the officers do the managing and the Senior Rates do the teaching.

Whatever size unit though you will get out of it what you put in, generally speaking the kids are great and respond well if you are enthusiastic and know what you are talking about.

Good luck and remember to always pick up your sense of humour when you leave the house and head off to the unit
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