I know it's a little eager and even my Reserves unit isn't getting it until Feb' 16 but does anyone have any idea about how many decades it will take for the MOD to allow the rolling out of the new RNPCS to the Sea Cadet Corps? I understand that the SCC is probably (defiantly) their last priority so I understand it is going to be a long while but any shipmates know how long that could be?


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The Prime Minister has made it a priority to be addressed in SDSR 2015.
When it's published, the world will know.

There is a seven page thread on the lovely kit already running. But you know that.
Why is the SCC defiant?

On a more serious note - the SCC will get the new PCS once the current stock of No. 4s has been drawn down to below a critical level.

And on an even more serious note - why does it matter to you? Kit is kit. You wear it until someone says otherwise.
FFS, on further inspection, there's more than one other thread on the subject. I'm not in a position to merge them yet.
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This is the modern RR not something from the mid 60s
From an email I received from an SCC Lt Cdr last week:

MS-SCHQ who tell me that, PCS will not be coming to the Sea Cadet Corps for at least another three years and the Captain has not authorised it for wearing by SCC personnel.

Of course things may change in the future, but that is the situation as it stands today.

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We can't even clothe our full time sailors in PCS yet. Three years is ambitious judging by how badly this has been rolled out so far.
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