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SCC Officers


Billy Q


“I am writing to enquire under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 about the application of
military law to members of the cadet forces, and to Cadet Force Adult Volunteers. Please
include the following information:

1) Are Cadet Force Adult Volunteers subject to military law, and if so, which articles thereof?

2) Are Cadets subject to military law, and if so, which articles thereof?.”

This has been considered as a request for information in accordance with the Freedom of
Information Act 2000 (FOI Act) and I can confirm that the MOD does hold information within scope
of your request.

I will answer each part of your request in order:

The only Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAV) who are subject to Service law are those holding
Army Reserve General List Section B or Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training Branch)
commissions – they are the officers in the Army Cadet Force, the Air Training Corps and in the
Army and RAF Sections of Combined Cadet Force contingents.

The circumstances in which these officers are subject to Service law are set out in Joint Service
Publication 830 (JSP 830) – Manual of Service Law, and the Armed Forces Act 2006 (AFA 06).

For ease, I have provided links below:

JSP 830 -

AFA 06 -

The relevant information is set out in JSP 830, Chapter 3, Part 1 (1-3-5) and the AFA 06, Schedule
14 and Part 19 Supplementary Chapter 1.

In answer to the second part of your request, Cadets (as well as non-commissioned CFAV and
those appointed to commissions in the Sea Cadet Corps and the RN Sections of the CCF) are not
subject to Service law.

However, there are circumstances in which civilians (including those in the paragraph above) will
become subject to Service discipline. The relevant information is set out in JSP 830, Chapter 3,
Part 1 (1-3-7) and Schedule 15 to AFA 06.


Book Reviewer
The only thing that has achieved is

a) Some odd form of self serving gratitude, and

b) An utter waste of a considerable number of man hours in a HQ already struggling with resource issues.

Well done you!


War Hero
Super Moderator
May be under military law (stand fast SCC) but still not deployable.

As questioned earlier - why ask?

And why would you even think cadets were subject to it?

Have you any concept of what the cadet forces are and what they seek to achieve? Because if you did you would not have asked such an asinine question.


War Hero
No, the good (?) news is that Billy Q CAN'T be Norman, as his first (and spookily last) initial is 'S'.

Unless of course he is Stormin Norman.


War Hero
There is a perfectly arguable case that the UK would be a better place if all civilians were subject to military law, and in particular all illiterate, ignorant, stroppy, know-all teenagers. Especially if they can work laptops, tablets, smartphones etc better than you. Which means virtually all of them.........
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