SCC makeover - what a *^%$£& waste of time and money

Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by Capn_Pugwash, May 21, 2010.

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  1. Sold out, down the river & over a barrel..!

    Fecking MS have really taken over now. How the feck can you have an organisation that focuses it's training and inspections around the RN, yet sell itself as a merchant fleet provider (since the SCC aren't a 'pre-service' org.)

    And the new logo; a bland anchor, a disrespectful dumbed down naval crown and worst of all... an S that smacks of Sainsbury's!!!

    I've already sent in my onions here
    Also noted elsewhere is that this change is HUGELY unpopular...
  2. I've just had a skeg at the new Sea Cadets website which has a fresh, clean, modern look. I may be an an old fogey but I like it because it's bound to be more appealing to its target audience. i.e. the youth of today. This doesn't just mean new joiners but older cadets and ex-cadets required as officers and volunteer instructors, etc. Is there or is there not a growing problem with recruiting and staffing?

    Don't knock the involvement of the Marine Society either. Its role in the financial backing of the Sea Cadets (N.B. the RN doesn't provide any money) and joined-up approach to the training and professional development of all seafarers should be applauded, e.g. Education Support for RN/RM personnel:

    I keenly support the alignment of RN and MN seamanship qualifications at all levels wherever possible. I'll never forget Capt Neil Rankin saying rather ruefully some years ago that he might be the CO of an aircraft carrier but he still wasn't qualified to drive the Gosport ferry.

    I have no brief for the Marine Society or the Sea Cadets but I attended a presentation at the Nautical Institute a couple of years ago and was impressed by the need to update their approach and become more effective while retaining their ethos. Just as the old Sailors' Home Club has had to re-brand itself as the Royal Maritime Club, doing nothing was not an option if they were to survive.
  3. QUOTE

    the new Sea Cadets website which has a fresh, clean, modern look.


    My arse.

    It is shaby, amateurish and unprofessional looking.

    What a waste of money.

    Another half arsed job from the Dream factory.

    BTW. I don't like it.
  4. Yours is the first positive comment I've heard on this new branding NG. I suspect that you are an outsider and therefore if your perception of all this is positive, then they (MS) have hit the mark they're aiming at (if not the right mark).

    Regarding funding, fact is they fund feck-all directly towards SCC units, except the odd 'emergency repair', preferring instead to pay for quangos sat in Lambeth Road chelping on about how important their role is towards helping the young people of today. How many of these people actually go home in the evening, change rig and actually go out and 'volunteer' some time towards these young people?

    If they look through their own bullsh!t and see where the money needs to go, they will see a shopping list of maintenance, utility bills, resources, expenses, cadet training etc etc.

    And who is going to pay for their new branding? The units yet again.
    New stationary with new branding, with new website addresses. New advertising resources, new banners, new mini bus branding, new signs outside unit. NOTHING will be paid for by the MS. Yet units are obliged to change all this.

    The SCC was fcuked when the RN failed to take over the corps immediately following the war (just as the other two services managed to do).
  5. I remember reading somewhere that whoever was involved with the SCC after WW2 decided they would be better off not being supported by the MOD.
  6. What a load shite.The money would have been better spent keeping the boatingstation open at holyhead than this
  7. In fairness, this is what quangos do. They come up with market-based solutions, like rebranding or coming up with a catchy slogan. Next they'll suggest changing the uniform.

    I am not linked to the SCC in any way (I was a Sea Scout many moons ago!), but the bland marketing that is seems to be following is not a surprise. Recruitment will not be affected by rebranding per se, but the publicity of it may well have an effect. Why they couldn't have done publicity on its own is unknown to me!

    I agree the cash could have been better spent.
  8. Absolutely correct.

    What sort of fools like the Sea Cadet Association (SCA - predecessor to the MS), would willingly hand over an organisation to the RN; especially if they would lose their income with little prospect of getting another job, along with thousands of demobbed servicemen.

    'Thanks, but no thanks RN, I'm looking after numero uno.'
  9. The one issue I have always found (well around here anyway) is that the Sea Cadets are basically.....invisible, especially compared to say the Air Training Corps or lord forbid the ACF, who both seem to make an effort to make their existence known to the local media and try to highlight the things they do.

    To be honest if I had been aware of the Sea Cadets when I was that age, I would have been more likely to join it than the Air Cadets. However as I wasn't aware of their existence till several years later I became an Air Cadet (and left a bit disgusted with the nepotism to be honest)

    Just a hypothetical question: Would there have been anything stopping the RN / MOD from setting up a Royal Naval cadet force in the past or currently if they had wished to? (well apart from stepping on the marine society's toes?)
  10. There are "breakaway" organisations were SCC units went there own way and others that were set up individualy. But none are supported by fleet like the SCC is.
  11. I wonder how much it cost to come up with the RM Cadets logo.. Royal Marine Cadets - part of the Sea Cadets.

    No shit sherlock.
  12. The media are a law onto themselves, no matter what you send them, they decide which is the priority against the larger cadet forces.

    To your question, see my earlier rant about being called RN Cadets.
    It's very unlikely that the RN would set up a RNC force mainly due to cost. And as someone pointed out (in the above thread I think it was) the RN are happy with the SCC portraying the 'Blue Suit' instead of the pre-service position. Strangely though, come the annual inspection the inspecting RN Commander takes more than a close interest in the number of recruits passed on from a unit (ours being 11 last year)
  13. Thanks for the reply R12.
    Personally I think it is a shame, to be honest, RN could do with shouting a bit louder rather than feeling that because the RN is the senior service that shouting isn't the done thing and in that vein perhaps an RNCC would be a good way of boosting the RN's profile and perhaps reminding people how much the RN actually do.

    Its insane when the country has so many issues with youth offending that the government refuses to sink real money into youth groups which would get a lot of kids off of the streets and give them some form of structure and perhaps give them some exposure to possible career paths, even the civvy youth groups such as St John Ambulance etc do a good job in terms of giving kids something to do other than hang around causing trouble.

    Perhaps the sane thing to have done after WW2 would have been to combine the cadet forces to give kids exposure to all 3 services, spread the financial load and given the kids a lot more diversity in terms of activities. However interservice rivalries and "traditions" would have put the kybosh on that idea, which is a shame given the emphasis being placed on tri service ops within the services, starting with the cadet forces might have gone a long way to forcing some fresh thinking elsewhere along the food chain.

    The problem with the cadet forces is some of the staff have zero military experience and many (in the ATC at least) treat their units as their own personal fiefdoms rather than acting in the best interests of the unit. (No I bear no ill will at all towards the ATC....none at all :twisted: :twisted: )

    The other issue is coverage, so many SCC units are coastal town based(understandably given the naval link) but surely its worth a try to make their presence known to neighbouring towns which are inland and show they are an alternative to the ACF/ATC? That's just my ramblings looking from outwith the SCC. Might be a valid observation, might be absolute junk *shrugs*

    I will say one thing positive though, RN careers were a lot more willing to talk about career options than the crabs, and given the smaller budget packed almost as much punch as the Army lot (who invariably turned up with lots of shiny tat to get peoples attention...enough to almost persuade me to join the darkside...I'm just thankful I saw sense and picked a life in a blue suit) but I digress.

    Back on topic, I know what you mean about the media, however the local rag will print anything simply to fill column inches, some weeks they struggle to fill 6 sides of A3!

    Ok I'm going to crash out in my pit as I am rambling and half asleep and none of this likely makes sense. :roll:
  14. potential.

    the goverment did have an idea to start cadet forces in high schools. pretty much like the CCF, but in many more tows accross the uk. the figure (im not certain) was something like £80 million. the thing is that many towns already have ACF/ATC/SCC units in them that are struggling for money, but have the infastructure already set up.

    the idea was just a votegrabber.

    im not impressed with the new branding at all. one of the fonts used on the new PR material is unavailable to units, and would have to be bought by the unit at a cost of several hundred quid. HQ want to handle ALL the PR material from head office, and stop units printing their own.

    as for the "Royal Marines Cadets - part of the Sea Cadets" i think that upset someone in blue. lol.

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