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I’ll stick with it as long as I feel I’m doing the Cadets some good. Lasted quite some years in Rugby with a Head Coach who thought he was Eddie Jones not looking after seven-year-olds ;)

So far so good. If you see me wearing my MOD90 round my neck on a lanyard please feel free to keel haul me or flog me round the fleet…


There’s nice, just been confirmed as Jimmy for my Unit. Doesn’t really make a world of difference, still instructing the Cadets.

An enthusiasm is Navigation. Had a good session the other week with a couple of charts & a whiteboard showing them various markers, then used a tap in the galley to get across tidal flow.

Also invested in a set of model markers (cardinal/lateral/isolated danger etc.) & other bits for future lessons, pack can be found here.
Sadly it seems to be a SCC Nav Instructor, even for the basic level I will need to do the RYA Instructor course which requires certificates well outside my level of competence!

Just wrestling with uniform matters. Any tips on where to get No 1 Dress made? Not sure the grant covers the £2k I’ve seen quoted, & very much doubt I’ll be buying mess kit for a hobby!


Sitting in on a Cadet Basic Navigation course. Instructor very highly qualified including a full RN Career.

God knows how he hasn’t brained the couple of kids who don’t seem to be able to concentrate. Patience of a Saint!


More fun & games. Have put a bit of effort into planning a nautical themed trip, this involves getting on a train. One might have thought I’d suggested a night out on Union Street.

Our POs had recently gone to town by train accompanied by one of their boyfriends, a RMC Sgt from another Unit. Some disaster ensued with confusion over train doors that shut themselves, & thus such transport seen as too complicated for The Cherubs. I did suggest I could assign a Cadet to each PO to make sure the POs didn’t get into bother.

Meanwhile The Old Man has kicked the idea into touch because the risk assessments involved with having Cadets out in public too many & varied…


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This a combination of ignorance, laziness and fear.

Ignorance of how a reasonable risk assessment should be carried out and that it does not need to be a case of War & Peace - and that once it is done, it can be re-used gain and again.

Laziness in that just doing the paperwork is effort. But then again, so is doing the actual activity.

And fear of the unknown and unmeasurable. If it goes wrong we could be sued. If we haven't got them all chained together it could go wrong. And if we chain them together we could be sued.

So easier all round if we just stick to what we know and not bother with these wild ideas of giving the cadets a wider experience and motivating our adult volunteers by doing something different from time to time.

Welcome to the brave new world of We Don't Do That Here.