SCC instructor


I’ll stick with it as long as I feel I’m doing the Cadets some good. Lasted quite some years in Rugby with a Head Coach who thought he was Eddie Jones not looking after seven-year-olds ;)

So far so good. If you see me wearing my MOD90 round my neck on a lanyard please feel free to keel haul me or flog me round the fleet…


There’s nice, just been confirmed as Jimmy for my Unit. Doesn’t really make a world of difference, still instructing the Cadets.

An enthusiasm is Navigation. Had a good session the other week with a couple of charts & a whiteboard showing them various markers, then used a tap in the galley to get across tidal flow.

Also invested in a set of model markers (cardinal/lateral/isolated danger etc.) & other bits for future lessons, pack can be found here.
Sadly it seems to be a SCC Nav Instructor, even for the basic level I will need to do the RYA Instructor course which requires certificates well outside my level of competence!

Just wrestling with uniform matters. Any tips on where to get No 1 Dress made? Not sure the grant covers the £2k I’ve seen quoted, & very much doubt I’ll be buying mess kit for a hobby!

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