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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mick82, Nov 9, 2009.

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  1. :oops: 3years ago while I was in my local cinema during the film a group of 2 lads and 2 girls bunked in half way throu the film and sat behind me and my partner ( who was pregnant at the time ) they started to throw sweets at us ,a friend who was with us asked them to stop , one of them replied by spitting in the back of my partners head . I stood up to get them thrown out and as I stood up something hit me in the face so I foolishly slapped 1 of the lads before I went for security . once outside in the proper light it turned out that the group who bunked in was all 13 years old and I didnt realise in the dark . I was kicked out the cinema and the police was called ( I never knew at the time of being kicked out ) after a few hours of kicking myself for what I had done I went to a local police station and told them what I had done , 2 police woman had a talk to me and said that they had dealt with the matter and seen the lads parents who I had slapped . They told me the parents didnt want to press charges and I wouldnt be charged , they basically told me I was very lucky not to be for obviouse reasons . They also told me that I wouldnt have a criminal record and it wouldnt affect me if I ever wanted to get a job in the future .
    With the police telling me this I didnt think I would have to bring it up as it was not a criminal record but now I have read the SC form I have read that the police records will also get checked I am concerned I may have blew my chances and wasted my afco's time . should I mention this on my form? incase its on police record and would this stupid mistake I made screw up my chances of being passed ?
  2. No charge? Keep shtum.
  3. will it not come up , or do I need to be charged or cautioned for it to be on police record ?
  4. If you didn't get a caution, it's as if the incident didn't happen.

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