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Been waiting forever to get SC with all sorts of extra financial info asked for and sent and i have just checked and it say 'Completed' Now i dont want to go getting all chuffed and excited until i know if its a good completed and im in or could it be bad and it just means they have finished their bit and i could still get bad news. Does anyone know if its a knock back if it would say something other than 'Completed' ??
If it says completed then you are good to go and you will recieve a letter from the NSV in next couple of days, I was in same situation as you had to resubmit due to one or two things I forgot to put down


Wow thats a long time. Mine took 3 months. Have you contacted their help desk or the RFA to try to find out whats going on? I was requested to send 2 lots of different information within that time and it completed yesterday afternoon.


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Did my SC last week, says "waiting for sponsor actions" I guess the RFA have to double check the details or that what it says when being processes?
Normally when you log in it will say in progress going by what mine and a few others I'm in touch with have been saying maybe you should call RFA or NSV in the morning and see if cleared already
SC takes so long especially when RFA break up for Leave before passing the info NSV require which therefore hold up lads from joining on time tutors not being happy running an underman course. RFA dont do enough imo
Does anyone know what happens if you don't get your SC back on time for the start of your training?
My start date is the 1st of May and I completed the form almost 3 months ago.
Is there anyway to try push your application forward?


you will be moved to the next course i was supposed to start the 29th february however now 26th sept. still not complete from the 2nd december


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I was SC'd in my last job, it had been renewed about 18 months prior to submitting my RFA application. I had to get SC again.

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