How long do Royal Marine officers get to spend in the SBS?

I'm asking this because if they only spend 3 years then i don't want to be an officer, might have my hopes set high, but it's what im aiming for lol.
Without wishing to encourage a walt I'll preface my comments with the following:

Passing POC, AIB and RM Young Officer's Course is hard enough without gobbing off about any SQ, let alone SC. You will have been in the Corps about 3/4 years before being allowed anywhere near JSFSC, so worry about that bit first.

Secondly, basing your choice on Office/Other Rank solely on the length of time you may or may not spend working with the SB is frankly f*cking barking, and shows a lot of immaturity - you become an Officer to Lead and Command a body of the finest men and women this country has to offer; not to dress up in black and grow unfeasibly large moustaches.

Now, back to your question, regardless of your SQ, you can expect to 5 -6 years in SQ post 1st Troop Command and pre-ICSC(L). This is the same for ML, S, SC, etc etc. Post ICSC(L) you can expect to spend sometime out of SQ to allow you to broaden and become competitive for promotion. Once you reach the level of Lt Col, your SQ becomes meaningless, as you will be judged on competentcies, such as Operations, Support to Operations, Planning, etc etc. At this point, being an SC rate offers no more advantage to you than being a Signaller.

If this doesn't answer your question, then frankly tough. Get back into yuor box, start reading your Economist and practising press-ups, that'll be enough for you to think about taking your POC.....


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I think the SBS will let you know....... like "Don't ring us, we'll ring you (we're ex-directory)"

Quite a few Walt questions pop up here ..... how about "If I become a submariner, how often can I fire torpedoes?"

Bless 'em.


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Full marks for self-confidence!
On a similar note, after I've completed Selection for the Regiment, does anyone know how I can apply for the Increment? I don't want to just be an SAS soldier...
BootneckYank said:
janner said:
BootneckYank said:
Can I join the SBS too?

I heard they let you shoot guns and stuff!
Sounds cool!
B-Y try the SAS first, I understand its easier to get in :lol:
I've already read "Bravo Two-Zero", and "Immediate Action", so I'm already half-way there! :D
Trying to remember the book my son borrowed about"THE FROG SQUAD" may have been called "FIRST INTO ACTION" I will find out and keep you posted. Good reading I bought it when I ventured to NZ helped to pass a few hours of flying.


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Trying to remember the book my son borrowed about"THE FROG SQUAD" may have been called "FIRST INTO ACTION" [/quote]

By Duncan Falconer - a Bootie who went straight from basic training to Commando Course to SBS selection.
Not really relevant to the current slagging match but do you have to be Royal Marine before becoming an SBS operator or has it changed?
All the services are welcome to attempt it.Its UKSF now same selection until the SAS lads get badged whilst the SBS lads start the cold wet bit.
hi. I`ve decided that I want to command 3 cdo brigade. Do I have to join the marines first ? Will I be given command once I`ve finished CTC or will I have to wait awhile ? Your answers will affect my career choice.
Hey calm down i was just interested! I don't really mind what specialisation i do I'll take things as they come once/if i get in first.
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